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hand roll or rolling machine?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nathan549, May 26, 2010.

  1. is it better to learn to hand roll joints or just buy a rolling machine? im having alot of trouble with hand rolling them, i suck :( haha
  2. ive never used a rolling machine, just spent what seemed like forever trying to roll even a half decent joint!
  3. Hand rolling is the way my man. I mean if your having a lot of difficulties, it would be alright to drop a couple bucks on rolling machine for getting started and seeing the motion, but if you want my opinion it just doesn't give the same satisfaction as rolling up one of your own and burning it down. I see it as an art form - you can do all kinds of cool shit with papers, and your crafting it by your hand! Just check out these forums for all kinds of tips, and when you get more advanced, techniques on rolling tulips, jesus j's etc. :)

    But yea, if your needing any tips there sure is a lot of info here on the city. Final 2 cents, practice makes perfect. Good luck, stick in :wave:

  4. Rolling machines are incredibly cheap and easy to use, and roll perfect joints every time. If you don't really care much about learning how to roll, just go with this method. Knowing how to roll is a great skill to have, however, and is very impressive. Plus, if you know how to roll by hand, you get the satisfaction of having had put all that work into learning it, and you won't have to carry that rolling machine around if you need to roll on-the-go when you're away from your house.
  5. don't be a bitch and get a rolling machine. rolling your own is more rewarding anyways and of the rolling machine joints i've had none compared to one an experienced roller made there not even time/cost effective
  6. Rolling is not that hard guys, I just made a pretty fat regular jay and it turned out sweet, even though I like NEVER roll..
  7. An easier way to roll a joint when trying to learn, is using the dollar bill method. Put your weed in the rolling paper, as you would normally do, now fold a dollar bill in half, and put the unrolled joint in the fold (be careful not to spill any out). Next, put your thumbs on the joint inside the dollar bill, and use your index finger to compress the weed together, into joint form (don't make it TOO tight). Work at it, and then lick the gum on the paper, and simply go in an upward motion on the dollar bill. It will be straight as an arrow, and you can say you did it yourself. Practice makes perfect, so it will not be perfect on the first try, but after you get the hang of it, it's a great method. You can also use a piece of paper, but I still suggest a dollar bill.
  8. I haven't learned how to hand roll yet. I'm just that much of an amatuer :p

    I went on ebay and got a metal rolling machine + 33 rolling papers for just $4.08 all together, that includes shipping too. Gotta love ebay :)
  9. I use a piece of paper and it words just as well as a bill, not to mention it's less dirty. I use a piece from a small notebook and it work perfectly.
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    Just go through tons of papers learning to roll, its worth it. its like riding a bike ull never forget once u learn. But some people never do try to learn because of the mess ups that have to happen. And they use rollers

    Ive done both, yes a more even roll fromm a roller.
    but handrolled. Ive enjoyed more. They burn better imo but that could all be in my head.

    Edit: only use currency aka Dollars bills etc only if u like cocaine residue :D Id suggest just getting a peice of paper if ur gonna do that and Crinkle it a little to have it have some give.
  11. Instead of buying a machine buy as much papers as you can with that money then start practicing and then unroll it and practice again in about a pack hopefully you will be pretty good also watch you tube video's.
  12. There isn't even CLOSE to enough cocaine residue on a dollar bill to make you fail a drug test, and much less give you a buzz. But I agree that using a piece of paper from a notebook would be alot more sanitary, as you have no idea who's hands that dollar bill has been in. It's your preference, alot of people prefer to smoke in the car, or in some other area where a notebook of paper isn't just lying around, therefore you can just reach into your back pocket, grab your wallet, and there you go. Whichever is easier for you.

    Happy Toking! :smoking:
  13. roll it yourself. just practice with a pack of bugler until you get good at it. watch people who are good at rolling roll. you'll pick it up quick
  14. what some good rolling papers to use? im in aus so i just bought some tally hos (which have the corner cut which is meant to be for easy rolling but i find it harder haha). i heard bout the method to learn by rolling tea, sounds liek a good idea
  15. I actually JUST looked that up.
    I am complete GARBAGE when it comes to rolling.

    Definitely get a rolling machine it looks like well worth the money, ill forsure be picking one up
  16. LEARN TO ROLL!!! rolling your own is an art! It is not hard at all if you keep working at it. Just make sure you are doing it correctly and you'll eventually get the hang of it.... the first time i rolled a j was with tracing paper and i got a near perfect cone lol it was awesome.... it did come apart tho that sucked.... but dude if you get a roling machine you're a little bitch and if you roll your own you'll get a lot more respect from fellow smokers

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