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    What's up guys, first post here! 
    Have been toking for several years but only joints and a couple of bong hits at parties. I recently invested in a glass pipe and I have a very noobish question.. 
    Basically the bowl just has a big hole in the bottom so the weed is going to fall through. I would have thought the guy in the shop would have said something if I needed to buy another piece for it so what's that all about? Was thinking of using foil with some little holes in the bottom. This alright or any better suggestions?
    Would appreciate any advice, cheers! 
    Here are some pics of it (it's a hippo, it's pretty cool). It has a carb on the right end. 
    doob1 .JPG

  2. Nope that's how it comes. There's supposed to be a hole. And I grind my weed and it doesn't fall through. Maybe like a few little bits but other than that it works fine but if you're worried about losing weed, then break up the weed by hand just for the bottom to cover the hole, then put the grinder herb on top. But it's not necessary. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391788805.874168.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391788854.012210.jpg

    When you put a clump of ground up weed in the bowl, it doesn't go through
  3. That's how the smoke comes through
  4. u can u a bud plug, a metal screen, a glass screen or pack it tight so the herb dont fall in
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  5. Don't put any foil in there, that's very unhealthy. There is supposed to be a hole there. That's how the smoke from the weed enters the pipe which enters your face at the other end lol
    Nah thats how the pipe is supposed to be brah! Don't smoke foil, that shit is bad for your brain. Really bad.
    .Just pull off a "bottom nug" and put it in the bottom of that hole, and put your grinded weed on top. If all you have is grinded bud then it should be okay if you put enough in there, but you'll be a LOT more prone to scoobie snacks(when weed gets sucked through into your mouth)! ick!
  7. grind it up as normally but leave it abit chunkier than normal, and learn to control the smoke intake as you breath it in,, like breath in really slow.. keep the lighter on it toasting,, you wont get it over night unless you have a iron throat and lungs hahaha the smoke is pretty hot seeing as it hasnt got a filter and ash gettin inyour mouth is abit dirty and distracting,, dont worry ay iv sucked down entire cones in my mouth half of it ends up down my throat haha after a while if your doing it correctly, youll feel asif your thoat is startin to charr.. Youl feel out of breath abit n shit dw its just your throat getting used to the hot smoke.

    If you dont get it,, practice with small handsized bongs first as they have water filter, unlike handpipes youl find yourself sucking in ash half the time till you get that technique right.
  8. If that hole weren't there, how would you inhale the smoke? It's meant to be there. Just take a bigger bit of weed to plug it. I've actually heard it called a plug nug hahaha. Then just put littler bits of weed on top to pack the bowl. If you're grinding, put your plug nug on top of the hole, then put your ground weed on top so it doesn't go through.
  9. Glass sea mine, a small one
  10. That hole is supposed to be there! That's how the smoke gets from pit to your lungs. If the hole is too big you can always purchase screens from your local smoke shop. I would advise against using ton foil, as that is extremely unhealthy. If you keep using your pipe it will gather resin, and eventually shrink that hole.

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  11. Try to put a nug that's just big enough not to fall through the hole on top of it then fill the rest of the bowl with your grounded up weed.
  12. I either plug it with a nug or a glass screen. Usually get a glass screen with purchase of piece. 

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