Hand Carved Wooden Freedom Bowl

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  1. My roots in weed smoking had me making many homemade pieces back in the day. We used to use water bottles or gatorade bottles with tinfoil bowls, and these were good cuz after you could just toss the whole thing. I thought Id try my hand at the next level of semi-disposable homemade piecery, this is actually the second one of these ive made.

    I start with a nice solid chunk of wood that doesnt burn too quick, and doesnt have toxic varnish or any shit. I used a coping saw to get the shape right, a power drill for the hole and to bevel the bowl out, then used a chisel and some sandpapering to get that smooth finished look. Add some cool designs and its ready for use. These things are just fun to make, cuz the whole time youre thinking about getting high. Also it hits reallllly well. Check it out! This ones named 'Bowl To The Future, featuring Michael J HotBox as Marty McHigh' Anyone else ever make shit like this?

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  2. Wow dude thats nice as hell. The perfect use for your pinewood derby kit
  3. Dude Chara fucks people upp- nice pic
  4. I like to make pieces, feel you have a better connection with the high, though i prefer the non-disposable, give you a mighty fine solute to the art of that piece though, always happy to see other people enjoying the process of making pieces.

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  5. Very nice pieces.

    Always nice to see people making their own quality pieces instead of the common "hey guys check out my gatorade bong!"
  6. What are the pros/cons of a wooden piece vs. glass?

    I know metal is the worst.
  7. oh yeah, i've carved a fair share of bowls in my history. i've also made the mistake of using pressure-treated pine... so, it ended up in the compost pretty quickly.

    nice to see more people making their own toking tools! something about taking that first hit off of that pipe you've been carving for weeks is just sublime!

    i've been itching to get back into it but i haven't found any decent wood (i want to find some ironwood but i know that i would have a bitch of a time carving it.) if you've had the chance to handle anything made from ironwood, you'll understand why i want to carve one so very much (i'm all about the senses with my toking habits... and a nicely polished ironwood pipe would feel buttery smooth!)

  8. might want to check out some stuff first, i've heard iron wood, though beautiful and strong, is poisonous, im not sure so don't quote me, i could be very wrong, but i know some woods are poisonous to smoke.
  9. how would oak hold up as a pipe? there are tons of oak trees around here i would love to get a few cool looking pieces of tree to try and turn into a pipe.

  10. all of the pipes i've posted above are oak(except the stem of the sherlock, thats cypress) oak is a good sturdy wood, when you cut it put wax or polyurethane on the open ends and let it cure for bout a 3 months to prevent cracking, than cut into it, its hard to work with cause of how hard it is, but it will last forever and a half

  11. damn, you're right... i didn't know that.

    but now i do.

    pity, an ironwood pipe would be awsome.

  12. why would you cut into it?

    does that mean the process of carving the pipe is
    -chunk of oak
    -carve chunk to pipe
    -coat poly/wax
    -smoke/cut into?

    not meaning to sound like a smart ass, just curious on wanting to go about it - you sound like you know how to finish it, but it confuses me with the cut into it, and why it needs to cure for 3 months?
  13. A Friend of mine broke his glass bowl in half, so he retooled it into the bowl on a nice log piece. Basically a branch (maybe oak or pine?) that he hollowed out with a long knife and sealed the bowl with putty. We call it the wisdom log- completely ridiculous to hit but always a good time.

    Shout out to StonedKight thats some damn fine craftsmanship, especially the two piece sherlock looks doooope
  14. Wooden pieces give you a nice natural flavor with the hit (Pro), but are succeptable to burning if you dont use hemp wick (Con). They are also more sophisticated and warrant talking with a classy accent (Pro)
  15. Pretty cool. I've carved stone pipes, but not wood
  16. Wow dude thats nice as hell. The perfect use for your pinewood derby kit
    digital wireless transmitter
  17. Yeaaa looks a hell of alot nicer than mine haha and makin wood bowls/pipes are a lot harder than they look
  18. So sick, OP! What kind of wood is that?

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