Hand-carved wooden bowl from South Africa

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  1. GF spent a week in South Africa and brought me this back... The best part is the carved stone bowl, so it doesn't, you know, light on fire when you use it...



  2. That's sick. I lost the one I got from Jamaica but it was quite similar.
  3. thats pretty sweet man. id love to smoke outta that sometime
  4. hell yeah i'd love to have a carved piece from South Africa
  5. i like how you can tell when the poster was like

    *lights bowl, takes hit
    "man this is bomb"
    *takes another hit
    and then the thought occurs to take a photo

  6. i remember i carved a pipe from a tree branch in my backyard when i was 13.

    nice piece though dude :)
  7. How do you get the hole through the mouthpiece?
  8. Better take constant care of that pipe or it will get clogged and shit,,,
  9. Nice dude, I'd love to have something like that in my collection.
  10. First off beautiful peice. the carvings are insane

    and to answer your question
    ive made several wood poeices as well. took a branch of maple and let it dry for 2 years. took a long drill bit and hallowed out the mouthpeice. hand carved the bowl and used a smaller bit for the hole at the bottom. carved some designs and took a blowtorch and burned the entire exterior and interior. as long as the lighter doesnt touch the wood (only the bud) it wont burn.
  11. nice i used to have something similar and it would get scalding hot after a few bowls, just a warning haha
  12. damnn my friend has a pipe from somewhere in south america... its real nice
  13. i've got a nice wooden pipe.

    its nice sitting down outside and taking bong rips and just having a huge pipe packed full to smoke afterwards :)
  14. yeah i pretty much did what he said except i used a drill.
  15. Used to have one like it. Can the bowl peice be screwed off?

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