Hammock as a full-time bed...anyone?

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  1. Just curious. Any of you blades regularly sleep in a hammock instead of a traditional bed? I'm talking a nice woven South American style, not the crappy American lawn and garden hammocks made of netted rope with spreader bars a-la Gilligan's Island.

    If so, any comments as to how that's working out for you?
    Photos you wouldn't mind sharing?
    Tips, tricks or pitfalls you'd care to share?
    Do you use a stand, or bolt into wall/ceiling studs?
    How's it worked with your amorous activities?

    My mattress has finally gotten to the point that I feel it's fiscally reasonable to replace it. While the cost of a new one is enough of a deterrent, I'm not terribly fond of the floorspace they eat up, or having to move the bastards. Also, I keep thinking back to the few days of dreamy sleep I got in a hammock while down in Cancun years ago.
    That said, I've already ordered a fairly nice hammock, which ended up costing <$100, so I'll be forging ahead with this no matter what. Add a few more bucks for appropriate hooks, rope and eye-bolts from the local hardware store and I should be in business.
    I was considering being nice to the apartment complex and using a stand, but:
    - Eats up floorspace again, whereas with wall mounting I can unhook and fold the hammock from one end when not in use.
    - I don't have space for a full stand, which would leave me using something truncated like the "universal hammock stand", which just looks like crap and I'm sure is going to creak annoyingly as metal frames are wont to do.
    - I don't like the idea of landing on a metal bar and breaking my spine if a stand fails in the middle of the night.
    - Fuck my complex, they piss me off and I'm proficient at seamlessly patching drywall.

    If this thread generates any interest, I'll have to follow up with details and photos once I get this implemented.
  2. Ex had one it was okay but they do occasionally flip around and body slam you into the floor. So there's that.
  3. Hammocks give me a backache. But go for it. Put the anchors in the wall studs, then when you move out just put some spackle in the holes and smooth over with putty knife.
  4. it is gonna mess up your back in the long run

    probably nice occasionally :D

    dont end up cloning yourself though

  5. That shit would get old soooooo fast.

    You ever try to get into a hammock? How about Drunk?
  6. How are you suppose to fuck?
  7. [quote name='"CaressaRosee"']How are you suppose to fuck?[/quote]

    Never heard of a sex swing?
  8. Worked well when I was in Thailand.
  9. See now the back thing is interesting...I've read accounts of both sides of that one, and I'm beginning to wonder if it really just depends on the person and how they sleep in it. I could see it being a problem if you sleep in line with the hammock, but if you sleep across or at an angle, it seems like you'd lay more flat. Either way, I can't see it being worse than sleeping on a coil spring mattress. I'll find out though I suppose.

    As for sex in one, I second the sex swing comment. Actually, there's a "hammock sutra" video out there somewhere I'll have to dig up real quick. It's fuckin' hilarious. I was just wondering if anyone had personal experience in that area.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVPCGEfxqqs]Hammock Sutra - YouTube[/ame]

  10. Yeah but sex swings don't tip over.....
  11. image-3145695574.jpg

    And you know how bad his back is
  12. I slept in a Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Hammock for a year and a half roughly when I was doing a lot of back packing/traveling. Overall I slept pretty good in the hammock once I was adjusted to it. I didn't think it was great for posture and kind of pushed my shoulders together at night I'm pretty broad shouldered but I compensated with a good hour of stretches in the mornings.

    If you would like a nice Hammock with Warranty for a good price ENO is a great option

    Eagles Nest Outfitters Inc. - Hammocks and Hammock Sleeping Systems - Rain, Cold and Insect Protection.

    My hammock was stolen along with my backpack and lunch on a OHV trail 2 years ago, this thread makes me want to get another :)
  13. Actually, even though it's a cartoon...it does illustrate some of the issues with the stereotypical hammock. Good hammocks do not have spreader bars. While they keep the hammock open, they ruin every good quality a hammock has. Spreader bars are the reason so many hammocks are unstable, uncomfortable and less able to properly support a person.
    Honestly, the more accounts I read of people with aching backs, the more they seem to either be from sleeping in spreader hammocks, improperly hung hammocks, laying the wrong way, or a combination of the above. If it's designed properly and hung properly, you're supposed to be able to actually lay more or less straight in one, maybe at a slight incline overall, but not curled up like a banana.

    I have slept in hammocks before, and I know I like them. I've just never tried totally ditching the mattress and box spring for one. I'm just trying to iron out all the little idiosyncrasies related to using a hammock as a bed full-time. I'm already figuring on having to get creative with certain things. My night stand for instance, will probably become relatively useless, as I'm not going to set it in the middle of the floor and bump into it (though I suppose keeping it in the corner would make me get my ass up to turn off the alarm). Similarly, keeping my shotgun under the hammock would be a somewhat hilarious proposition versus keeping it under the bed. And I'm definitely going to have to rethink how to use blankets and whether pillows are at all necessary. And I can only imagine what bringing a girl home is going to be like....just not sure if I should warn her first, or just go "surprise!"

    I've heard good things about those, and I'll probably check one out for camping at some point. That's a pretty shitty thing to have happen though, sorry to hear.
    I just ordered one of these cotton ones in dark blue, as I'm intending for it to be in my bedroom and not out in the elements.
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    My hammock finally arrived early last week, and I got around to hanging it on Thursday.

    So far, my sleep has been excellent, and my back and joints which normally ache have been feeling a hell of a lot better. I've also been waking feeling more rested, and have not felt the need to sleep for 10+ hours a night. My nights have been filled with dreams more strange and vivid than usual, some of which have been lucid. My sleeping positions have changed as well. I can now easily fall asleep on my back, twisted halfway around, and in odd yet comfortable positions one could never obtain on a traditional mattress. I've found myself awaking in the same position I went to sleep in, as I've not had to toss and turn to aleviate pressure points. My conclusion? I should have done this years ago.
  15. I slept in an ENO half the summer this year, and when I was a kid I had one set up under my top bunk (I had bunk beds) and so every night I just chose one or the other.

    Fucking great idea, and if it gets uncomfortable just go back to a normal bed. Cheers :smoke:
  16. Fuck that. My bed is comfy as hell. Image banging a girl in a hammock haha
  17. I need a hammock for my balls(which can be seen as my avatar)
  18. I'd totally point you in the direction of some awesome hammock manufacturers, but no one makes them in µµ measurements.
  19. Two and a half month update....if anyone gives a shit.

    Best friggin' idea ever.
    No back pain.
    Massive reduction in achey joints.
    No stiffness.

    Only downside....
    Tried sleeping in a hotel bed while on travel.....couldn't fuckin' do it. Mattresses feel so unnatural.
  20. LOL!
    That is funny! i was reading your thread and that's what kept coming back into my head, how will it feel sleeping on a regular bed after?

    Have you gotten around your amorous situation? :D

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