Hammer Head vs. Sherlock

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  1. Im looking to buy a bubbler. Ive been looking around for about a week and have seen many Hammer Head and Sherlock bubbler. And I was wondering what (if any) Is the difference of these styles?

    Thanks Blade and Bladettes!
  2. Hammers ftw

  3. But why?
  4. sherlocks are classic
  5. Thanks for the pics bro, but I would like for someone to compare them for me!
  6. I have owned both and i would have to say hammer is better. Its hard to compare them by function because every one is different, but i do my my sherlock was a bitch to clean.
  7. i think a hammer is just more durable, not so much in build or anything but it rests alot more stable than a sherlock. if it gets tipped over it will just kind of roll over, if a sherlock gets tipped over it has a much longer fall. i personally prefer a hammer as well.
  8. i vote for hammer
  9. :smoke:. Sherlocks are the shit. Classy pieces.

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  10. Sherlock can either be a stand up or a hand-held, a hammer is only a hand-held.
  11. Sherlocks are where it's at.

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