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  1. Hi, I'm Hami and I actually study in China.
    There is a province (Yunnan) where the marijuana is growing everywhere, along every road... and it's species you can smoke!
    Does it sounds like paradise on earth?
  2. That does sound somewhat like paradise.
  3. smells like parrradise to meee
  4. where are you studying? im in beijing
    ni hui shuo putonghua ma?
    ye i heard of that place..
  5. Hui a! I study in Shanghai and online.
    Do you know this website http://www.chinese-tools.com ?

    Do you study in university? Which university in Beijing?
    If you have time you should go to Yunnan, the best part I've ever seen in China.
  6. 我在北京语言文化大学学习汉语, 我的方向是经济贸易。
  7. 汉语好学吗?已经学了几年?打算再学多久?
  8. Awesome tiny little box convo.
  9. Lol, i thought the same thing when i saw them.
  10. 汉语不是特别好学, 但没办法。。哈哈
    我从8岁开始学习广东话然后14岁开始学习普通话。 我现在在学经济贸易,还有一年半。

    haha.. go to view and set it to simplified chinese characters. . . then you can see the characters.. not like it would do any good!! hehe
  11. 我不知道如何说中国人。
  12. this doesnt make sense, "I dont know how to talk chinese people?"
    Do you mean I dont know how to talk to chinese people?
    wait i think i get it! you translated something on the internet and it fucked up the grammar a bit. Nice though, pretty close!
    im not chinese. and i dont think he is either.. :wave:
  13. Heh heh. What I put into the translator was actually "I don't speak Chinese," but it's close enough I suppose. I just wanted to see what what would happen.

  14. Haha, I've always wanted a tattoo in Japanese characters that says "I don't speak Japanese"

    I don't think I'll ever actually get it though...

  15. yeah chinese translated to chinese person, not chinese language.

    and about the japanese tatoo thing.. that would be alright i guess, better than the people that get something tattoed on that is wrong chinese/japanese hahah so funny!
  16. welcome to the city!
  17. Quote:
    Originally Posted by hurryupandwait
    我在北京语言文化大学学习汉语, 我的方向是经济贸易。

    I University in Beijing studying Chinese language and culture, my direction is trade and economic cooperation.
    Chinese eager to learn? Have learned a few years? Intend to learn how long?

    Originally Posted by hurryupandwait

    Heard of that site, so why did they?
    This site has several cartoon characters, is my painting. . .
  18. And I'm still confused.


  19. What are you confused with?

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