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  1. Ok this may be in the wrong section and I think i misspelled it, but a halucnagenic makes your halucinate right? Isn't that also in marijuana? Does that mean you will halucinate? I've never halucinated before, but im not sure what this means.
  2. no you will not halucinate with weed.
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  4. isn't mj a halucnagen? doesn't taht mean it makes ya halucinate? I no mj doesn't, but why do they call it a halucanegen if it doesn't make your halucinate
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  6. THC is a depressant, silly boy- not a hallucinogen.

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  7. Actually marijuana is considered a stimulant, depressant, and a hallucinogen.
  8. He speaks the truth
  9. you might get some closed eyed visuals. but you wont see anything if you have your eyes open.
  10. I've ... not hallucinated, but been close to it with trippy visuals.

    One time I was smoking some good haze shit and then my vision went all cool.

    like, we were sitting around the circle smokinng, and verticalyl everything went wavy and stretched a bit, for about 5-7 seconds and people were loooking atr me really funny trying to talk to me, then it went away adn I was like "dude...I'm baked"

    And onetime I was walking home after haivng like 8 bong hoots, and I wear contacts and they weren't in, adn everything started lloooking cartoonish like the simpsons.

    and uhhh onetime when I was high on ecstasy and smoked weed, I saw everything in 2d, probbaly the ecstasy their 'cause I've expeirenced other hallucinations on it before.

    I've had a cupple other weird ones too... Oh onetime I was smoking like 7 roaches rolled into one join and my vison went black and white and then it went to dots, then too really big dots and I passed out on my bed and wokeup an hour later

    and my freinds tell me they've seen weird shit, like one of them saw the road they were walking on lift up and curl away to leave black emptyness.......

    Your probbaly wunder what kind of meth/lsd our weed is laced with here, I'm actualy not sure if any of its been laced.
  11. Pot can give you trippy visuals and stuff, but you wont full on hallucinate on weed the way you would on a true hallucinogen like acid or shroomie or even salvia.
  12. I also grow peyote.
  13. the one thing about cannabis making it so different is its mutiple features, produced by the multiple factors including but not limited to: thc content, cannabinoids differences, users mood and current state of mind.
    on a more personal, i love exploiting the rush from the stimulating properties, but most do.
  14. so what starin would mostly likely trip you out then :confused:
  15. ha i knew it, thanks for the info guys. I was wondering because one time me and my friend smoked out of my bubbler for the first time and we smoked some ak47 and im used to like mid to low grade bud, and the wall did a wave for a sec and i was like dude wtf.
  16. I want some Mescaline so fucking bad you have no idea. No one around here even knows what it is, though! It's totally frustrating.
  17. I've seen some patterns open eyed. Barely legiable, though.
  18. I have hallucinated on weed many many times. I am also very resposive to marijuana, get the munchies x10 laugh x10 feel high x10. All my friends have smoked long b4 me but even now all of them say they never experienced being high as i do.

    The odd thing is a have an identical twin brother who has smoked for a while and never hallucinated, but i have many times, usually the same types of hallucinations as well: that being distored visuals, insanely bringht colors, waves, stars, stretching, multiple times ive seen various stoner pattarns spinning in front of me like ur sigs lol.
    Specially this thing i call the high-res vision, basically sillouhettes of object and people flash, zoom in and out randomly and get greater detail.

    Lastly, ever single time ive ever smoked, i always get full on closed eye visuals the second i close em, could be 2 min after i smoke or 2 hours, they are there.

    All the effects though like any other or purely dependent on dosage for me, but my first full on hallucination and tripp lasted 3 hours and was only 3 bong rips, so for me its doesnt require much.

    FDA lists weed as a hallucinogen in high doses.

    Some people are simply more responsive, be it various levels of anandamide, concentration of cannabinoid receptors, or simply weight/age.
    Although i think its more physiological w/in the brain then weight, as im a very lean healthy 160lbs 5" 10'.

    But all this was b4 i even knew a thing about cannabis culture..its very odd..

    Cant explain much of it but i surely love my mj. :smoking:

    If u guys are interested at all, im a pharmaceutical engineering student, i can point u to the newest info on mj and its effects on receptors of the brain.
  19. I wouldn't say you can full out hallucinate on weed(although it may be possible..), but there's definately visual distortions once enough THC has set in. A couple nights ago it looked like my computer tower was dancing, so you tell me...
  20. Rofl. Spanishfly trips & tokes all day.

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