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  1. I want to use infused honey to make lollipops. The honey was made with half an ounce of mids. If I make 20 pops that's about .7g each... is that good enough? I made brownies once and got great feed back (didn't have any myself) but I used an ounce of mids.. see my dilemma. help me. thank you.
  2. First, I'd go ask this in the edibles section. You'd likely find more advice than you knew what to with there. Lots of knowledgeable people who mainly just hang out there.

    Secondly, in a general sense, if everything was made correctly (and I'm assuming you mean actual honey from bees, not honey oil), the best answer to the question is another question: If you smoked 0.7g of the weed you used, would it get you high? If the answer is yes, than 0.7g in the lollipop will too.
  3. no edibles section here. thank you every much.
  4. You're welcome. There is a HUGE edibles section here. You just missed it. Here's the link:
    Incredible, Edible Herb
  5. Thank you guys!
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