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  1. Halogen bulbs? What stage of growing is their spectrum best for?
  2. Halogens really dont work well for growing because of the heat they generate for how small they are.
  3. Halogen bulbs are incredibly inefficient and are not appropriate for growing. If you are going to be doing a small/micro grow, stick with CFL or T5.
  4. A little bit of reading or searching would have shown you that halogens are no good at all for growing MJ.
  5. Halogens will work for the seedling phase. As a last resort kind of deal. Not recommended at all.
  6. I suppose if you don't have a heat mat you could use it for warmth. :laughing:
    That's about all it's good for.
  7. Oh okay. I;m using two daylight CFLs right now in my grow anyways. I appreciate the help and stop by my grow to help me there too :)

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