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  1. So my friend just said he is doing a full halogen grow. Any thoughts?
  2. Gonna be a lot more expensive electricity wise and probably less efficient than flourescent lighting, and much less efficient than HID.

    Just my opinion
  3. Halogens are very inefficient and put out a ton of heat. Your friend has no clue what he is doing and most likely wont harvest enough to make it worth his time. That is only if he doesn't kill them or cook them first.
  4. I have a halogen in my shed for light and it puts out twice as much heat as my 2 400 watt hps mh.

  5. Here is a post I've made previously on a similar topic, halogen bulbs...


    This rough chart may help you make up your mind (*or it may help your friend, make up his ;) )....

    150w incandescent = 2,550 lumens or only 17 lumens per watt

    150w halogen = 3000 lumens or 20 lumens per watt

    150w of Fluorescents = 9,000 lumens or 60 lumens per watt

    150w of Compact Fluorescents = 10,500 lumens or 70 lumens per watt

    150w Metal Halide = 13,500 lumens or 90 lumens per watt

    150w High Pressure Sodium = 16,000 lumens or 107 lumens per watt

    (Keep in mind this chart is a few years old, for instance today some horti-HPS bulbs begin their life closer to 130 - 140 lumens per watt, while the halogen is still basically within the same range [​IMG]

    Even CFLs produce more than triple the useable light/lumens per watt when compared to halogen... this is why halogen bulbs are never even considered as an option for grow lights; their power consumption and heat output is ludicrous compared to the useable light they produce, and the further from the plants you keep the bulbs, due to the added heat, the more stretch you have and the less overall light your plants receive!) \t\t


    Direct him towards that post... he's wasting tons of money, not to mention bud, by not investing in the proper lights. :p
  6. How many lumens should each plant have?

  7. Around 8 - 10,000 lumens per plant is considered acceptable, to begin with, if you want to try and keep yourself with enough bud to smoke in between harvests or if you want to maintain at least some lower level of efficiency for a mid-sized grow... you can keep a plant alive with less, but going any lower per plant (especially with only one or two plants) would yield barely an ounce total, and growth slows to the point where you're going to want to add weeks, to months just to get that amount.

    Even obviously-slower vegging growth, aside, flowering and bud maturity both even occur at a somewhat slower pace with only adequate, low-level lighting.

    So not only are you spending more money per lumen, you also have to run your lights longer than an average crop-cycle, adding to your costs, and you'll endure longer periods between crops.

    Anyhoo, to get 10,000 lumens that would require about 500watts of halogen lighting per plant... which would be very hot, very expensive, and very useless, when compared to the same output provided by only 150+/-watts of CFLs, or even a mere 90watts of HPS.

    Tell him not to try to justify it, by assuming that the heat will help provide warmth for his room during winter.... it's coming from all the wrong places if you're trying to encourage healthy plant growth:

    1) The canopy will be MUCH too hot, 2) the further away from the lights you need to keep your bulbs, the fewer lumens will reach and penetrate the canopy, and 3) if it's actually cold enough, that the level of heat-output keeps the canopy comfortable, the ambient (and especially night-time) temps will likely be much too low.

    Hope this helps. :)
  8. Yeah it helps. I'm on the CFL kick but he was for sure he was on to something good. Lol.

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