Halogen... What the?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BeeMan, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. Three days ago i took my plants out of my grow room and moved them to my bathroom, i put a 500w halogen floodlight on them and suprisingly they grew like crazy. They grew 5cm in 2 days!!! I have read a few theads were people say halogen's don't work, but my plant grew faster in two days than they do under my 600 hid in a week! Just want to see if others have seen the same growth, as i have?
  2. yup but not that fast,i use a 150 watt halogen floodlight ,but man iam tellin ya they can get ur grow room very hot in no time,i need to have 2 fans on all the time,u cant trust these lights without fans to cool ur babies down....
  3. aghh but wait till it's flowering time!!......very little yield, and they can cause a lot of heat.....also when the plants are bigger they don't do the job right........Peace out......Sid

    didnt get anyfarther in the post this was exactly what i was going to say, you can grow nice plants with flouros its just nota good bud. likea 2on the quality of 1 to 10....btw 2 sucks :)
    aaah just mosre useless information, dont know where it comes from must reading all your posties.
    off to see what the rest of you had t say.
  4. could they have reacted to the higher humidity of your bathroom ?
  5. there is a difference in length of nodes and elongation.

    it might be that they were in good shape...then got put into an environment that is not enough light so they are growin to find some...ie elongation.

    just a theory
  6. yep, the plant is stretching to find a new spectrum of light.
  7. Yep, i think your right. The plant was streching toward the light, would a light like this be benifitial in a greenhouse enviroment, using it for a few hours at night to make the period of sunlight longer.
  8. If you want to do that use flourescent lighting instead.

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