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    Okay, I have done my research and I know it is not advisable to attempt to grow cannabis plants beneath halogen lights of any kind for various reasons.

    The reason I bothered to post a thread asking about it (and I do apologise) is because I have left myself in a situation where I have already begun germinating a load of seeds I had lying around (I thought a friend would be able to let me borrow some flourescant lights, but something came up), and I do not have access to anything other than a 100w halogen desk light which was lying around until I can get a hold of some better lights (which should be this week sometime).

    A few of the seeds themselves have cracked open and are showing short root tips, they will be ready for planting today or tomorrow.

    So basically, my question is, is it at all safe to begin growing the plants under this single halogen light just until I can get a hold of something better?

    Thanks, Zero x
  2. If they are just now germinating then you won't need the light for at least 48 hours, they need time to be planted in some soil and to pop through the top. That's time enough to get some proper lighting.
  3. Yes, you can still grow Pot under Halogens, the only issue they have is with heat (more so than any other type of Light fitting). Kepp a fan blowing over your babys and you should be fine for a while, but seriously, get a new light ASAP, even if its just a 50w CFl.

  4. Yeah, that's fine... I'm hearing from a good friend about lights later tonight, money's pretty tight just now so I can't just go to a store and buy my own :(

    I'm using the damp towel technique for germinating the seeds, 5 are now sprouting which is a really pleasant sight for me as a first timer, so the seeds aren't recieving any light from the halogen lamp just now, only the warmth inside the growbox. The initial reason why I'm using any light or heat source at all at this stage (and I actually forgot to mention this in my last post) is because when I went to check out the seeds yesterday afternoon the towels they are inside were way too cold to the touch... They're sitting inside the grow box right now, I have the light on a timer. It's only on for 15 minutes at the start of every hour, just to keep the box warm enough for the seeds not to die, but so that it isn't too hot either.
  5. its not the right spectrum of light, and it can easily start a fire.. Be safe man.
  6. Going to plant a couple of the more mature seeds tonight or tomorrow and get started on this. Going to have to hope for the best that I'll get a hold of some good lights very soon, possibly even tonight.
    This whole idea is just an experiment, the seeds came from some pretty poor weed a couple of months back, I'm basically trying this to get some early experience for when I move into my new house next month.
    Thanks for all the help so far guys, I can always count on the GC community :)
    Zero x

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