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  1. i was wonderin if a halogen downlight would be the the same as a metal halide light?my friend startesd his with a halogen and it grew pretty quick i was wonderin if they would give a little extra help????????
  2. no. use HPS .. or FLORO.. they will grow just as fast.. if no faster.. those Halo lights get to hot and dont put out the kinda light spectrum as floro and Hps..
  3. yeah, you can get a 150w HPS at home depot for $45 - $60
  4. i was wondering that too, but say if i was just going to grow with a halogen bulb and no flours or mh/hps. would the halogen bulb work?
  5. As they all said above.




    In nessun modo.





    HPS, MH, Flouro or the big yellow glowy thing in the sky.

  6. the reason halogen lights dont work very well is becuse....

    A. they r very lacking in the red end of the spectrum.
    B. they give off a lot of heat for the light they produce
    C. they cost a lot to run

    good points r

    A. dirt cheap to buy
    B. see point A

    if u try to use just a halagon lite ur plants will grow BUT they will b weak, skinny things and u wont get a lot of bud off them, if any.

    the only good use for a halogen light is when u use a small 1 alongside a large HPS to boost the blue end of the spectrum and overall lumes if heat build up isnt a problem. but if its worth doing or not is up2u.

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