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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 24/7homegrown, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Hi i was readin up on this and was wondering has anybody used it. its callerd HALO and is quite expensive so im thinking the more exxpensive the better the results.

  2. Link or more info all im getting is that dam 360 game from searches
  3. wow good f**king question, what is HALO? a strain, brand of nutes, or game? and since i have never heard of this HALO in GC i would assume its crap.
  4. Wow, look at you sheep in here! Just because it's expensive does not make it good. Just because it's unknown to GC does not make it bad.

    As said, more info is needed to answer your question, OP.

    Is it a lighting system? Nutrients?
  5. why would anyone post a stupid question like that? and yes there r stupid questions and no dont blame it on him being high, no one i know is that dumb when they smoke.
  6. its a light fools, dont yall read high times?
  7. a HALO is basically a fluorescent tube that's shaped in a circle. Very good for saving space and concentrating light in one spot.

    But CFL's pretty much so the same job.
  8. my bad i was thinking of the ufo [​IMG]
  9. no i dont read high times and ur mentally retarded if u come here and post a post like that assuming everyone has read and seen the same high times issue with this light in it.

  10. he was teasing
  11. Attached Files:

  12. actually its been in every issue for the past year, and as i stated in my other post i was thinking of somthing else, ktnxbye
  13. This is ridiculous, the guy posted over 6 hours ago and never came back to help us answer his question.
  14. i thought the halo was referring to the satellite system for the UFO, but who knows
  15. hi im very sorry for the slow reply i have a family and i cant just drop them just to answer replys on forums. it it the product halo harpin.
    very sorry for the inconvience guys
  16. Not sure if he stated it but I am pretty sure the product he is talking about is a ufo type led in the center while around the permeter connected to it is 4-8 smaller led's. Even though this setup looks sweet and is efficient to run I am sure that this lighting system has the same problems as previous led setups compared to that of the MH/HPS.
  17. Not familiar with harpin. It's only [FONT=&quot]£4[/FONT], that's expensive?
  18. Guess I was wrong sorry for the misinterpretation
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