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  1. I just played like 4 games with my brother. This game is like what, 6 years old? Damn best fun I've ever had playing video games.
  2. dude i used to be in a halo clan. best. game. ever.
  3. Hell yeah. I have halo 2 as well. It's ok, but it seems more "tactical" then the first. the first si better, for sure
  4. Halo one is the best..... Get it for PC and it has online play an everything.
  5. yeah, i play halo 1 on my pc and I have a logitech rumblepad controller that works great with it

    you can probably still dl halo 1 off of bittorrent, if your internet connection isn't too bad
  6. halo 3 is pretty sweet
  7. Yeah Halo kicks ass I have 1 and 2 and my friend has 3, all 3 of which are wicked fun to play multiplayer in with friends and stuff...
  8. halo 3 is sick, the online is intense, im looking forward to call of duty 4
  9. I spent age 15-18 playing Halo non-stop. That was probably the funnest time in my life, well, until we added weed to it.:smoke:
  10. I'm getting sick of all these god damned Halo Threads. Please use the search button!

    Thank you.

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