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  1. Today was a pretty boring day, so i ended up playing halo 3 for the first time in a while online. Anyways, after blazing, i thought of a new game idea they should put in for online play, instead of the same old deathmatches and everything.
    Alright, so it would be called Top of the food chain.
    Basically, let's say there's 10 people who start off in the game, on a map like foundry or something, where there is alot of space to forge.
    You all start off on level 1, and the point of the game is to complete various tasks to get to the next level, and work your way up to level 10 or something.
    You all start out with basic assualt rifles, and level 1 would be something easy, like kill one opponent. If you are killed before killing another player, you stay on level 1 until you complete the task,
    Once you do that, you move up to level 2, which could start you off with sticky grenades, and the object would be stick one person.
    You achieve that, next level could start you off with a sniper rifle, and the goal could be get one head shot or something.
    Each game, the levels and objectives are set the same for everyone, but the list of exactly what to do could stich on different maps or something.
    Basically, first one to make ti to the top of the list and do all of the tasks first would be the top of the food chain.

    Ha, my bad on such a long post, and sorry if it's hard to understand. I'm just really stoned and this seemed like a great idea for halo.
  2. that actually sounds pretty cool
  3. If they did that, I would re-buy Halo 3.

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