Halo Dome Titanium Nail

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  1. Im used a atmos 510, with a halo titanium nail. My friend has the same setup but his nail is ceramic without a screen and it his way harder. My nail is titanium with a screen. I obviously cant do anything about the metal, but can i cut out the screen so the wax sits on the coil directly like hos?
  2. im using* damn i was baked
  3. Haven't seen a Titanium Nail with a screen on it yet. I imagine you could do w/e you wanted to the screen with some pliers or a dremmel tool.
    Those new carbon coal setups are interesting though. My friend bought one of the bowls to replace his pen, and they work out really great on the go, or just sitting on the couch too lazy to make it to THE chair.
  4. Go in WaxPayne vape pen thread and so some research. Or ask Wax, he's knows his pens. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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