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Xbox Halo 5

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Buffalo Beano, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. A Ghost spawn that happened to me.[​IMG]

  2. I just had the dopest haily mairy double kill in BTB on guillotine. Legit a throw from across the map. Ill upload a GIF of it later tonight
  3. I'm having a tough time in big team. I don't know what it is but by far my lowest rank.
  4. Its definitely my favorite playlist. 4v4 arena has been pissing me off lately. Quitters on the rise. I hope they implement unranked playlists soon, I think that will clean up arena a bit.
  5. yo let's get a fireteam going!!!!
  6. Lets go motherfuckers!
  7. no y'all are hurting my feelings..[​IMG]
  8. damn son I was on too. I would've played a couple
  9. need a fireteam. Who's trying to murk some spartans.
  10. too busy playing fallout 4, best game made in a long time by a long.long longshot

  11. Anybody from UK(time differences) wanna team up with me on arena? Ive mostly been on slayer but I wanna get into more competitive halo. Feel free to add me . gamertag is amafro
  12. Add me yall :) alexh0101
  13. I have a fire team-stoned gaming if anyone is interested in joining.
  14. new update is legit as fuck. assault is really fun but I didn't really understand grifball lol. how the hell do i get a gravity hammer. either way, got banned when I was planning on playing this for awhile today which is shitty
  15. Assault is definitely my go to playlist along with Breakout. that new map is dope.
  16. Ive got it for the xbox one

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  17. I've got it for the PS4;)
  18. Lol no you dont they dont make halo for play station LMAO nice try though lol

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  19. Have you tried the Wii U version?

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