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Xbox Halo 5

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Buffalo Beano, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Just won my first FFA match. Had 19 kills and the guy with rockets dies right in front of me, catapulting a full rocket launcher right into my hands. Lucky as hell but it seems like luck is the name of the game in FFA anyways.

    Felt SO damn good lol. This music was playing in my head on the victory screen

  2. great job.

    My FFA matches are hit or miss. The spawns are terrible. I don't know how many times I've been running around and somebody spawns right in front of me. Too bad for that guy.
  3. Somehow I got ranked onyx in swat? What the fuck man

    I agree about the bad spawns, swat really brings that problem to light.. A lot of times I spawn, run forward, and get killed before I even take 2 steps. I actually spawned literally looking at an enemy about 2 meters a way a little while ago. He was like "Oh" then killed me lol
  4. 20151105_171003.jpg my Spartan looking mean af.
  5. What armor and helmet is that? I haven't found any that I like yet.
  6. Just finished the campaign last night, now I can get into some multiplayer this weekend, I also hear they are adding some maps Saturday
  7. Gt syilent add me up
    Finding wazone fun lately as a good break from arena
  8. [​IMG]shotty snipers playlist
  9. Viper Strike armor and Pathfinder helmet.
  10. Shotty snipes is straight chaos. Played a couple games already.

    I finally got my first weapon skin, a magnum skin. Fucking tight.
  11. ive tried to play a few matches of shotty snipers but it always kicks me out mid match. Really weird.
  12. what controls is everyone using? I'm on that Recon setting shiiiit.
  13. Default for me. I'm considering trying to switch to bumper jumper though.
  14. I've used bumper jumper for every halo game. It seems to work for me. My only complaint is toggling the grenades. I'm not sure what it is with other controls, but with bumper jumper it is on the d-pad. So in order to quickly toggle grenades I have to take my thumb off the left stick. This isn't always ideal in a lot of situations.
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    Bumber jumper is impossible for me. I jump/mantle and toss nades a lot, I get down syndrome when I try to use same finger for both lol.
  16. I just like the idea of being able to jump and aim simultaneously, which would be helpful especially in swat. I'm pretty comfortable with default at this point so idk.

    Beano, grenade switching is on the d pad for default too so I feel your pain on that one.

    Speaking of grenades, those spiky ones are fucking OP lol. They're really good for blocking off a hallway for a few seconds so you can snag a power weapon.
  17. Yeah the Promethean grenades are awesome.
  18. Fuckkkk hahahah i was just destroying in a tank taking out everyone on the map including my teamates now i'm banned
  19. wow. Quitters are ruining arena now. I've went 10 games in a row where at least one person quit within the first 3 minutes.
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    ^ Agreed. There should be a more severe punishment for quitters. Maybe an automatic 30 minute ban or something.

    Side note, I hope they put in a big team battle playlist at some point. Also infection. Fingers crossed.

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