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Xbox Halo 5

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Buffalo Beano, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Eh.

    Idk, one of my boys got this but I'm just not off the fence yet. I loathe H4 and I feel like the mechanics will be similar.

    Probably going to pass for now unless several of you blades highly recommend otherwise. Think I'll wait for a pricedrop and cop fallout 4 instead.
  2. Ranked gold q for slater
    And team arena
  3. Bruh.. way better than H4. Only thing ppl are really complaining about is the campaign was a bit of a letdown and micro transactions. Which is completely unnecessary, you earn REQ packs pretty quickly and all map packs will be free. MP is rock solid.

    Constant 60fps, no lag issues, ranking system is on point. Verticality makes matches really interesting.
  4. i enjoyed halo 4 for what it was, but halo 5 blows it out of the water.

    So far my only complaint with the multiplayer is that when you are in the prematch lobby there is no way for me to see which players are on my team and I can't check anybody's service record.
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    got ranked plat 1 in slayer... Proceeded to get my ass handed to me in my first ranked match lol.

    My aim is so bad it's embarrassing for real

    Edit: Anyone interested in partying up for some matches?
  6. I'm down, pretty bad myself though [​IMG] starting to my get the hang of this game though

    gametag lmaostayroasted
  7. I won't be on until tonight but if you see me on I would be up for playing some matches. I can hold my own but it's all about having fun anyway.
  8. I will add both of you guys.
  9. I can't belIeve this is the first halo not to have split screen. I'm holding out for fallout for sure.
  10. Warzone is fucking tight
  11. Got it in the mail on Saturday and installed in about 2ish hours. Gunna jump into the campaign tonight and probably get a little Multiplayer in too
  12. yeah that's a bummer. My wife and I usually play the campaign together but I guess we're not doing that now.

    Also, not sure how the ranking works. I got platinum and diamond in playlists that I generally did well in, but I got onyx in FFA which I did terrible in.
  13. I'll add you buffalo beano I'm on all the time lol fuzzybunni3s420
  14. I'm tearing it up in capture the flag today. CTF, Breakout, and Strongholds are my shit. Slayer is cool but I enjoy objective based game play.
  15. I can't play stoned lol. Gotta be sober to get them head shots. Ill save the herb for fallout4
  16. Is there a gc based spartan company yet
  17. Capture the flag is my shit
  18. Let's get a breakout team going or team arena. Gt: TheSublime69
  19. 1:5:20:00


  20. Who's trying to fuck with some Breakout matches?

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