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Halo 5 Beta

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Buffalo Beano, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. If anybody wants to play the Halo 5 beta, feel free to post your tag.

    I'm actually enjoying it much more than I thought I would. I just have to get used to the controls they seem very weird to me.

    buffalo beano
  2. Halo 4 was amusing to me. I enjoyed playing it for fun, hows Halo 5 so far? Any new features?
  3. I guess I'm one of the rare folks that actually enjoyed all the Halo games for what they were.

    In the beta, Everybody has the same special abilities, all of the time. So you have sprint, some ground pound thing that I have yet to figure out how to do, and a shoulder charge. You can also dash in a single direction, and grab a hold of ledges.

    Only human weapons are available with the acception of the sword. All the weapons are fun to use and for some reason I get a sense of accomplishment when I kill someone. Like they have a real weight to them or something.
  4. Halo 5 is gonna be the shit.

    I heard about the new abilities and thought they'd be gay like the perks in H4, but they did it right this time

    I like how there's a lot more chatter in game, like a team mate will now shout out "we've taken the sniper" or "enemies red base"

    I've got high hopes for this game after seeing that beta
  5. There's HALO 5?! where have i been?
  6. Game feels a lot like CoD AW. It might actually be the same exact game as CoE AW actually.

    The spartans talk A LOT. When a guy picks up a DMR, his spartan says "Picked up a DMR!" When an enemy is shooting your teammate from "blue bend" on midship, his guy will say "taking enemy fire from blue bend!" Which is cool i guess because almost no one uses a mic anyway, and when they do, they arent nearly as precise in their communications like these spartans are. Its a pretty impressive feature though, how in depth it is. I guess what kills it for me is how all the voices sound like average joes instead of spartans. So it ends up being more annoying than useful. If they get more suitable voice actors it may improve.

    I havent decided if i like the game yet or not tho.

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  7. It's definitely weird

    It's different

    I can't explain it but it's fun as shit

    Like a very fast paced halo. I do like how they gave everyone the same special abilities.

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    Your avatar fucking haunts me. Idk why it just creeps me out man. Lol

    On topic though, I might get an Xbox one solely for this game if it turns out to be good. Beta looks good, unfortunately I will not be able to play it at all.
  9. I hated halo 4. But tbh this is because I purchased it solely for the forge mode and the forge mode was WORSE than halo reach.

    Your are supposed to RAISE the fucking bar as time goes. Not lower it!

    Though I admitedly the competitive multiplayer showed a lot of improvement

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    I'm down to play sometime. I think this game would be much more enjoyable with teammates, allowing you a more competitive edge. I always feel let down by the random pairings of teammates I always manage to get. GT: Stoned nW
  11. No more halos. I've switched to ps4.

    I used to be fairly good at them. Multiple 50's, MLG events, and all that jazz. But after reach and halo 4; I was done. They've fucked it up beyond repair.
  12. beta is soooo good. already preordered my collectors edition.

    love the variant maps they threw into the playlist.

    new game mode is cool but sucks when playin with randoms
  13. How is halo 5 forgemode?

  14. I actually haven't even heard anything about forge. It's certainly not in the beta.

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