Halo 3

Discussion in 'General' started by TECHN9NE, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. so who likes it? who doesnt like it? what maps do you like? what weapons do you like? who wants to sex it? what skill level are you? whats your g-tag? what difficulty have you beat it on? what armor do you have?

    well i like it
    high ground & vallhalla
    assualt rifle
    i would if i could
    im at skill lvl 46
    TECHN9NE Disciple
    I beat it on Legendary [brushes shoulders off]
    and hyabusa errrthang.....

    lets hear it. n3wbs/ novices
  2. 46? Damn, how much exp is that?
    I've done everything in campaign (difficulty, skulls, terminals)
    Hyabusa, mauler, and Vallhala
  3. Not much onto Halo..but do you really think your good?
  4. i have about 800/1000 i think. i just gotta finish all the campaign on co-op.

    and yeah i know im good, but its only a video game, i take toking much more serious
  5. it could have been differetn i think it should have cus its just like halo 2 the people who played that 24 7 have no lives n then they rape on halo 3
    its alright
    i played a little offline really dont find the game to good
    i only got it to play with friends
    but if my friends started playing gears again id play that instead
  6. gears was decent, but i needed to move on, once fifa 08 comes out ill stop playing halo3 for a while, and when call of duty 4 comes out.... well you get the picture.

    but the fact the bungie said they werent making halo 4, and ended halo 3 like they were going to make another one, was kinda lame.
  7. Im a FEAR guy myself..Ive just noticed alot of immaturatity in the Halo servers, it just ruins my game
  8. i usually play in private matches or ranked, so i either play with freinds or people who are to good to be those little high pitched bed wetters.

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