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Discussion in 'General' started by SmokinMEX, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Who in here got their copy of Halo 3 cause I sure did.:hello:
  2. ME!
    But my xbox isn't back from being repaired yet :(
  3. halo 3 is alright, deffinatly did not meet up to the hype, but then again, what game COULD? the hype for this game was unreal
  4. How is it then?

    Reviews people.
  5. check this out:

    i bought the game, go home, put it in, and my 360 gets the red ring of death. THE DAY FUCKING HALO 3 COMES OUT. i'm a little upset right now.
  6. I think its awesome, so fun
  7. I think its pretty sweet. Heroic is what it is.

    havnt played multiplayer yet, not hooked up to LIVE but when i am i wanna shoot it out with some blades

    my old dealer called me today for the first time in 9 months and talked about a halo tournament at his house. He only calls when he wants to play xbox its kind of weird, which is still like two times a year.

    but ya--Im not real dissapointed yet, but I thought halo 2 was good and the end ruined it. So I cant give a real good review because I think i just got to the level with the flood--level 3 maybe.

    **the only thing that really took me awhile to really get used to was the button switch from xbox to xbox 360. Seeing stuff appear as RB or RT I guess. Reload is RB instead of X which i thought was goofy. RB also opens doors and picks up new weapons and is called the action button.

    **another thing I thought was weird was that they have all the marine riles from the old games. The scoped battle rifle, the SMG, and the normal assault rifle although the clip size is reduced from 50 to 32.

    ** And there are things you can deploy i guess. Like those engery shields. Pick them up and hit X to throw down a shield. there is also flash bombs like this. and things called Regens that restore health. Ive also seen Trip mines you can deploy. and things that shoot you up way high into the air.

    **there are also mounted guns positioned randomly. kind of like a turrent, you can shoot it on a tripod or take it off the mount and run real slow with it.

    If you got a box and dont pick this game up then you need to cut back :smoke: and get with it.

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