Halo 3 - Worth the $60?

Discussion in 'General' started by G13, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. well, the title explains it all.. is it worth the $60? *EVERY* one of my friends, all the reviews, all the people I've talked to on XBL say get it, so I'm figuring yes, get it!

    thoughts? comments? if you could do me a favor.. if you LOVE the game, post one thing you DON'T like so much about it. that'll give me an idea what to expect and what not to expect.
  2. Played it all night at my friends.

    it's alright. Little overrated I would say. The graphics aren't that good. But the game play is pretty good.

    I'd get it just to have it. You'll have to get it eventually, there is really no point to having an Xbox if you don't have Halo :cool:
  3. the graphics are AMAZING if you're playing on an HDTV, but even if you're not, yes it's worth the money. I love this game and I don't evne own a 360 haha.
  4. I dont know why that guy said the graphics arent good because they're top notch. It is definestly worth the buy especially if you have xbl. There about 600k online right now at 3:20am.
  5. Not when you can get CS:S for half the price.
  6. man, worth every penny, the campaign is AMAZING. I was playing on my bros 63" high def tv and it was insane!

  7. lol that made me laugh sorry....Everybody who plays CS:S raise their hand :confused:

    If you got a box and you dont have halo 3 you need to get with it
  8. *raises hand* i want a 360 so bad lol
  9. The only thing I really liked about the game was the hammer, you can barry bonds the shit out of everything, other than that the gameplay is exactly like Halo 2, buy it if you want, I'll wait till it hits GH.
  10. I heard only good things. In fact I'm gonna try it out today at a friends place. He has four controllers so we're gonna have a nice little two on two battle.
  11. I never liked the halo series, but the 3rd one was pretty sweet. My buddy got it on launch day, so we got real baked, sat down, and beat it in 4 hours. I don't really understand the ending thou.
  12. The very last part is awesome. I wasn't even playing, only watching, and i was having fun.

    Plus shooting the flood with a shotgun is probably the most fun ever.
  13. *raises hand*
  14. You have to sit through the credits to see the last cutscene. Also, I heard there is an alternate ending if you beat it on legendary.
  15. Thats what were trying to do right now, but were stuck on the part where you have to drive the warthog through the desert. It's so friggin hard.
  16. I have not purchased a game since gears came out for the 360, until this game came out. Yes it lives up to all the hype and then some. All my xbox live homeboys have it. Excellent. I'm not to big on playing the campaign mode, but multiplayer is the shit(not to be confused with shitty).


    I take back anything bad I said about the campaign mode, except that its not long enough.

    I beat the campaign mode on legendary last night and WOW! Awesome game!
  17. Well then I guess I'll be picking it up, thanks boys.

    Oh and..
    ..well good, cuz I have one :D
  18. The day I got it (yesterday), I sat down with some friends and we beat the game on legendary. I also talked to a friend of mine, who beat it on heroic. The secret cutscenes you get after the credits are the same for both difficulties, but on legendary you get a little extra added on. Still the extra cutscene, and the extra few seconds you get for legendary make the ending of the story VERY different.

    In response to the OP, yes. Get it. Now. Thank you, have a nice day. :D
  19. I got it for $49.99 at Costco :)
  20. That game is way better then h2. buy it as soon as possible and you wont regret it

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