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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by LaughingGrassCo, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Lookin for some people to play with anyone??? Team Slayer
  2. Now slayer, I can play. Great playlist.

    What level are you? Not many people searching nowadays so you gotta be close or you never find matches.
  3. fuck that noise

    buy reach

    Halo 3 is shit compared to reach
  4. Haha, no.

    Reach is just Halo 3 if Halo 3 was social only.

  5. yeah, you don;t know what you're talking about rotfl :laughing: get out

  6. I hear ya... i just fucked up people im 6-1 and that one was 49/49 and i knew for a fact i shot him

  7. LMAO, yeah ok kid.

  8. Yes

    the cartoony graphics are the same


    the maps are better different

    the BR is not the same as the DMR

    there is no killshots if you miss a players head

    there are percs aka active camo, hologram, the retarded jet pack

    there is so much different

    don't call me kid lol child

  9. For once i agree.... but i dont got the money for reach =\ but i do play reach when i can

  10. Pointing out literal differences while skipping over/missing what I actually said.

    Yes, it's definitely me who has no idea what they are talking about. :rolleyes:
  11. I play reach because there's more noob's that need some serious owning.
  12. ..... like i said i dont own reach...
  13. yeeah halo 3 ftw

    Reach is good but it's different, halo 3 fan boys get trippin on all the new shit and say it sucks.
  14. I hear ya... i was smashin on kids :D wish i had my DLC for it >.<

  15. Nah, man, 3 was great. I would prefer to play it over Reach, just because of the lack of Perks..or whatever they are. Plus, the BR. :hello:


    edit: Oh, and of course the best map in Halo history: Guardian.

  16. I liked ODST
    ill play it in a heartbeat

    but I like reach to much man lol
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    I agree there. Seems to be a lot of hate for ODST but IMO (campaign-wise) Reach > CE > ODST > 2 > 3.

    I wish I still had it.

    I know you do, man, you were raping that last game we played. Eh, sorry about that, I use to be able to pull about 10-20 kills a game, but my lack of playing it has seriously fucked my skill up.
  18. haha I know man

    I like the narrows on ODST and the other one I dont remember I havent played since reach came out

    ill buy it again one day

    but I bough Fallout New vegas, and i still haven't even opened it :laughing:
  19. Halo 3 General here... Im down for anything, but if its team slayer ill have to use another account... Cant be loosing my 50 now ;) got a 45 in lone wolf, and a 40 in doubles... Hit up my gamertag if anyone wants to play halo 3 or reach. XI CmMx112 IX
  20. BuninTheDroAgain
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