Halo 3 Sept. 25th, who's getting it at midnight tommorow!!

Discussion in 'General' started by GoliathToker79, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Who on this forum is getting the game, when its coming out on midnight et on monday night, Unfortuantly i requested off work tuesday but forgot it was actually monday night, and i work 5-midnight and usually get out 12:30..im going to do my best to find someone to replace my shift.

    Anyways who on this forum is getting Halo 3, and whos on xbox live???
    We can get a live tokefest, everyone should bring the bong during in between games.

    My Xbox Live Screenname: JCOOKED
  2. I got mine preordered, im pickin it up on the wednesday after it comes out..
  3. I didn't preorder. I want to play it first. I know what your thinking,"It's Halo 3 for God's sake" I know but I have games for my ps3 that I haven't even played yet.
  4. halo 3 sucks i downloaded it, its already out on the internet but you have to hack your xbox and that will shut your live account off so its not worth it.
    but to be honest the campaign horribl so dark soem places cant see shit.
    i havent played the multiplayer yet because my live got shut off hopefully thats better
  5. Well, for me, Halo has always been about the multiplayer aspect, the campaign mode has always been lacking IMO. To find out whether or not I am going to buy it, I am going to have to play it in multiplayer.
  6. I have it too and I beat it. theres lots of new weapons and vehicles, I thought the story for the campaign was extremely lame, along with the music. I think it plays ok though. haven't tried multiplayer yet, I think ill wait untill launch day to connect to live

    p.s. the AI is retarded, don't let them drive, ever
  7. I preordered it, but i gotta get my live up again so i can play online.
  8. Not me, I never even beat 2.
  9. Hell yeah im gettin it, i cant wait
  10. yeah man
    preordered the limited edition
  11. hell yeah. cant wait.
  12. I'm sorry but you are an idiot. Maybe it was so dark in some places because you fucking downloaded it illegally. I'm also pretty sure you cant download it yet.

    Name-calling doesn't float here. Consider this a warning. *RMJL
  13. Yea lol look at these n64 rom emulator glitches, anything that you download like a video game off the internet, will have some issues,glitches of course and of course there not going to let you online because they can tell if the game is fake, and something is different with the xbox hardware:





    and then the same exact time..anyways my point is that will happen if you download it, i got the real verion of mk64, and i would never think about downloading halo 3, and no xbox live makes it not worth it, and im getting that at midnite tommorow.
  14. Uhh just because you download a game off the internet doesnt mean theres gonna be glitches or the game is gonna be changed. So why is he an idiot?

    And how can you compare downloading modern games to an old ass N64 game? Especially one thats being run on an emulator..

    BTW its been possible to download Halo 3 for a few days now.

  15. Yea games that are illegal to download, i know a friend who had a modded xbox, and is game had some glitches, and it is comparable because to prove the point that what you download off the internet, there will be glitches, just buy the damn game.
  16. i dont see whats so good about halo 3? i had the first halo game on the original xbox and i hardly played it, ended up trading it in towards an xbox 360...

  17. The games really innovative, first person view point, rocket launchers plasma guns and knifes, vehicles to jump in and shoot people down, turrets. I mean seriously I haven't seen a game like this sense UT2k series :D

    I think Halo got big because it was a fun FPS for a console that had a following, you can stand on people and taunt them kids love that, the game play is smooth, weapons are plentiful, I don't know how the controls are for ships and shit but I assume fun.

    Third person shooters are more fun than First person I think, I won't be standing in line for Halo but I'll go over my parents and play my brothers when he gets it :smoke:

    As far as all emulated games downloaded having glitches thats very incorrect, Halo 3 has been out to DL for a few days now maybe longer I don't pay attention and I know of 2 good versions glitch free from my understanding. Old emulators for N64 and shit had some glitch problems but alot of that had to do with how they where being ripped/encoded or the emulator being used. edited: sorry forgot RMJL
  18. Hey gang. You have to stop talking about illegally downloading stuff. It's against the rules. If no one else mentions it, I'll leave this thread alone because I know how important Halo 3 is to others. I really don't expect to see one of my co-workers on Tuesday. Her husband is staying home from work just to play it so she probably will too. :D
  19. i pre-ordered mine like 2 months ago, along with GTA4 :D

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