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Discussion in 'General' started by feenin_it, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. so i've acquired my girlfriend's old xbox and halo combat evolved and i was disappointed that there's no online play! so before i go out and buy halo 2 and xbox live, i just wanted to know how many of you play.

    im pretty good at the campaign on halo combat evolved. ive heard great things about halo 2 on xbl but ive also heard that it really sucks.

    anyone care to share some thoughts? persuade me =p
  2. Halo 2 suckkkkks hardcore.

    I still play Halo 1 online on xboxconnect (xboxconnect.com).

    Theres a nice site www.halo2sucks.com with some cool info haha.

    Halo 1 with the pistol was so much fun. I must say Halo is by far out of all the video games the one I'm best at. I was always in the top clans online and just seemed to have a natural spark with the game.

    Good times when I was 13-14 we had this video store downtown owned by this nice older couple and they had xbox's and ps2's etc there and you paid by the hour to play. Soo much fun doin halo tourneys there and playin with a bunch of people. They always brought around pizza and cookies to everyone too. Now some young douchebag owns it but I owe many early teenage hours of fun to Airport Video.
  3. Last time I played Halo was when the Halo 3 beta was going.
  4. Halo 2 is the bing bam shizzle lol u should get a 360 and start playing live on that
  5. just bumpin the thread...

    i know a lot of you play this game on here =p

    any more opinions on this?
  6. I hear ya ballz.

    That halo2sucks.com is funny. It's actually funny that someone took the time they had to make that stupid ass website, lol.
  7. yo im not usually on halo nemore but send me a friend request on xbl gt: speedgamer420 i only play gears of war, rb6 vegas, and halo2... so send me a friend request but yea... btw halo 2 is probably the best online multiplayer game....
  8. Halo 1 on the pc is online, i play it every now and then. Halo 2 on pc forces you to pay for playing online so fuck that.

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