Hallucinogenic laced weed.

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    I have recently acquired some weed that I know for a fact is laced with some kind of hallucinogen and several people have smoked and had no negative side effects afterwards, so I'm gonna' jump the gun here and give it a shot (it was free btw, so I don't suspect foul play). Anyway, my question is what does GC think the hallucinogenic material could be? I know it's not acid, because I've heard numerous times that acid can not be smoked with weed (or at all).

    So, what is it?
  2. if it really is laced it might be pcp
  3. pcp

    or maybe sum1 mixed in sum salvia
  4. now i dont wanna hear anyone say embaulming fluid
    its angel dust or salvia if anything
  5. Yeah, it is. Like I said, it was free and I know for a fact the people that smoked some of it tripped balls. My friend said there was no negative comedown or mental side effects afterwards. Just a nice, clean pleasant comedown.

    But if there's a chance it might be PCP I might just say fuck it, I've heard too many bad stories about that shit.
  6. IF it laced I'd say PCP or DMT, most (actually all that I can think of) hallucinogens are destroyed by heat, so it's not possible to smoke them.
  7. Haha, bud laced with Salvia. I always wanted to do that, but then I didn't at the same time.
    Can you lace bud with 2C-B?
    Otherwise, it's probably PCP.
  8. Angel Dust = "Embalming Fluid" or PCP , atleast where I'm from.:confused:
  9. Yeah, that's what I've heard, so I was kinda' suspicious. But I went to this one guy's house and everyone was smoking it and my friend was trying to squash "little devil people on the floor" with his foot.

    Well, if it's probly' PCP I think I'll just trade it back to him for some regular bud. He seemed to enjoy it.

  10. coomon miscomseption u see
    embalming fluid dont have pcp and u cant smoke it its rely shitty for u
    the street name givin to pcp-formaldehyde- is the compound in E.F so people thought you could smoke it
  11. Ya I know, that's why that was in quotes, tons of people around here think it really is embalming fluid, I bet a couple have actually smoked it too:p
  12. pcp is the only drug that I know for a fact I will never touch. Trading it back to him seems like a good idea tbh. Just make sure whoever you give it to you tell them that its laced with something, how much bud is there?
  13. Trade whatever bud you have left for another even amount back obviously. I wouldn't smoke bud that makes me trip unless that's what your going for.
  14. hmm wanna trade
  15. I wanna' trip, just not off pcp, naw' mean?
  16. I would truly love marijuana that actually gives me a PSYCHEDELIC trip. That would be god's gift to fuckin' earth - bud you smoke and are all dosed up after. :p
  17. lol i doubt ur weed is laced if it was free...and if nobody said there were bad consequences...i mean if it was sherm then people would get noticeably fucked up from that...i bet ur just paranoid...plus who gives away free laced weed...that shit is usually more expenisive
  18. maybe the dude was sampling his shit?

    and if people liked it then thats when he could sell shit for a higher price.

  19. i guess...but if its pcp then what kinda weed smokers are gonna want that...not too many...ive never done it and dont really plan on it (i would have to be really drunk to try it...probly the only way)...but i hear its a very unpleasant hallucinogen with VERY noticeable effects

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