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Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by asdf0123, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Honest to god, I have hallucinated, IT HAPPENS VERY RARELY THOUGH. Only usually happens for me when I smoke like 4 bowls or eat 1-2 brownies.

    From Smoking I have encoutnered: (only audio)
    -My house phone ringing
    -Hearing my phone vibrate even though it's not.

    From EDIBLES, I have seen some slight visuals.
    -When I ordered a pizza one time, I thought I heard a really loud bass system, so I thought he was here. I looked outside and thought I saw a car, but it was really just my lamp post.

    I thought the lamp post was the headlights.

    That kinda freaked me out.

    Aside from that, I haven't encountered anything else.
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    I don't see a never in there anywhere. (directed at PhantomMXrider)

    Down in southern California we scored some really nice Mexican Sativa and spent the day smoking by the beach. When it was dark we went to grab something to eat. I kept seeing tracers from the tail lights of other cars. They stretched on forever. I loved it. :p
  3. Oh, i'd like to also add that Mary J does seem to make things more vivid and sharper to me visual wise. I agree with most posters here on that for sure.

    For example, in my bird's cage, My birds feathers look so much more detailed and I always am so happy to play with him when i'm high for some reason.

    His bells and colored wood looks A LOT more enhanced , color wise and it's sharper.

    Honestly, I like my vision when i'm high. It let's me see things up close better.

    In addition to that, how dare someone try to prove oldskoolgrower wrong. He's the champ.
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    corrected, no need to thank me :rolleyes:

    haha, on a more serious note im one of those guys that get very trippy on weed. Iv had some strong sativa's and when i do come across them i smoke the same amount as i would indica not knowing all that power will be in my mind not my body :p. Iv seen the whole world turn purple, everything purple literaly, the grass the cars the sky it was crazy. Iv seen people go 3d into little animation characters (very trippy!) everytime someone would point or turn to fast they would turn into an animated full on 3d character and i would feel like im in a little kids movie LOL, i still get it today wheather i smoke alot or a little the "3d mode" i like to call it is always present and one point or another in my high and sometimes to the point of making me feel sick and dizzy where im forced to go sleep it off. And the most recent is watching tv then getting sucked into what ever im watching like im almost a part of the bloody show! that one can be scary at times as it takes me a moment to realise what is "real world" and i sometimes have to turn of the tv. Funny enough this stuff mostly happends when im alone and i buy of my own dealer. When im with friends and buy of my friend dealer i just get mad high and just feel stonned as fuck so i think my dealer likes to grow sativa dominant plants for some reason...

    Now i dont know if these are "medicaly/scientifical Hallucinations but all i know is there trippy as shit and sometimes can be a little to much to handle. Ahwel iv learnt to take them and be less paranoid when they come and tell myself its part of the smoking experience and ill be back to normal soon so enjoy it :D Sorry for long post but i thought id just add a little about me here since this subject is close to me.

    - didnt know what audibles were till i read someone elses post. I get that all the time! think someones mobile is ringing and it realy anoys me because i just want someone to answer it so it can stfu but i realise nothing is ringing and my friends think im completly spaced out and just laugh lol its so anoying!
  5. I am certainly not trying to be an asshole about it but I get really tired of people posting bad information. If you don't know something don't say it like it's a fact, that's all I'm saying. It's not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of established fact vs. someone saying 'well it's never happened to me so I'm going to ignore the facts and other people's experiences'.
  6. If thats not a hallucination I don't know what is :confused:

    I think this was a troll from the start anyways. OP, your troll was super effective!
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    I wasn't trolling. The anti-weed documentary said hallucinations can be the side effects of weed. Then I watched a TV show about ac** trips, so I was wondering if weed's effects was anything similar, since I plan on smoking in a few weeks.

    Anyways, thanks for the reassurance guys. :)

    Edit: Sorry for referencing another drug, I wasn't aware it was against the rules.
  8. Oh my bad, sorry dude.:eek:

  9. Exactly you dont know what a hallucination is apparently, cause that isnt it..

  10. Read the next line, it isnt going to make you "trip". The closest I have gotten was on ALOT of edibles, and even that was nothing even close to a light, 1/16th, cubis trip. Some visual distortion, some auditory hallucinations, and possibly even tactile, but your not going to get OEV's on pot, and if you did that shit was laced.
  11. As I stated in the post. It was directed at PhantomX not you. I was using your information to make a point. This is about visual hallucinations. Which come in different levels of intensity and endurance. No one said anything about "tripping."
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    you were twisting the information that I provided..
    Weed does not make you visually hallucinate, period, no matter how much you smoke, and no matter how much you eat it doesnt happen. Learn the difference between a visual distortion, and a hallucination.
  13. okokokokokokokok

    First off, how can you scientifically calculate a feeling, or a state of being, or a sighting (while perception is manipulated)?
    You can't. It'll be biased, because it's an opinion. And it's different in everyone else. And it's almost like dick sizes, because it's hard to calculate the average, when most men want to fudge the numbers, or just the "confident" men would have the balls (pun intended). It's the same, but that's actually an opinion, so it makes it even worse, <(does that even make sense as an argument? - little high)

    secondly. Since it's illegal almost everywhere, it's hard to get the names out right, once it comes to the consumer. It'll be schwagg back in cali, then be chemdog in new jersey... So people's own experiences can't even be trusted. And that even goes up to the grower, so even dispensaries might not have the exact same shit.

    i don't even know what i'm talking about now, so i'll let you all make due with whats up there.
  14. Far back in the thread but so true.
    I tripped once when my tolerance was really low, and I had also started perscribed anti-depressants. I was taking them regurlarly, as directed. And one night I smoked way too much. It was around eleven and we were in a forest - I lived in Oregon at the time so hella big pine trees and shit. And everything started seeming to spin and I started to freak out. I was hearing other people and shit and footsteps and seeing movements behind trees when none of it was from the people I was with. We were all just sitting in tha circle on some logs. I freaked out and went for a walk and ended up in the fetal position in a small circle of trees. I felt immobile and fuckin' terrified. The nine or so trees around me starting spinning and then continuously seemed to speed upwards as if I were falling fast. And - being high - I felt like I was. My therapist said that the meds can fuck with shit like that when I smoke. I vowed to never smoke again. So when I started coming down I smoked another bowl. XD
  15. You're not going to trip from weed. Period. Anyone who says they have is a) lying or b) smoked weird weed with shit mixed in it.

    I got really freaked for a while because I had this horrible high one night. I felt like everything was so intense and it was incredibly overwhelming. The air was suffocating me and I felt and heard everything so much that it shorted out my senses. I didn't smoke for a wihle after that until I found out I got slipped ecstasy...I'm sure I would have enjoyed it if I knew I was taking ecstasy but I was so fucking scared because I was like "omg weed shouldn't do this to me" that I didn't enjoy it at all. So yeah, shit happens. and they probably wouldn't have told me about the ecstasy if I hadn't still been freaking out about that high and not smoking a week later.
  16. Puffin, that sucks. It's sort of scary to know that there's people that would deceive you like that. :(

    Anyways, after reading your guys' responses, I got all hyped about trying weed. So instead of smoking in a few weeks like I planned, I got some weed and tried some today.

    I used a gravity bong and I was inhaling correctly, but I didn't get high! (smoked .30/gram)

    Did this have anything to do with the quality of the weed?
  17. ummm... actually no I was just copying and pasting. word for word. how is that twisting the information?
  18. yea i`ve smoked weed for about 3 years now. and i have never had a hallucination:smoking::smoking::D
    but lots of laughs

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