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  1. The other week i went up the coast and pulled some cones before went swimming at the beach the water was really clear and every time i would step in the sand or see a rock or anything in the water i would think it's a stingray chasing me and immediatly run out lol

    Anyone else have funny hallucinations like this when they're baked?
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  3. god, and i was getting shit for masturbation and sandwichs :rolleyes:
  4. trips off weed can be so little you don't always notice them. I have dropped a plastic cup and thought i saw juice go everywhere... empty cup. Sounds like your just sketching out though bud although a rock under water mite look like a sting ray or a shark lol:wave:
  5. My friend was convinced he had a nose bleed, was holding his hand over it and ran to the kitchen for some tissue or something, we both saw blood dripping when he ran...and yet, he didnt have a nose bleed at all!
  6. that sounds like a pretty crazy hallucination considering nothing like that has ever happened to me even when tripping acid. hallucinations tend to be more subtle, or seen on the surface of things, such as a wall that looks like its rippling and whatnot.

    but i have had some weird experiences high, odd things that wouldnt happen in a sober state of mind. one time i was looking at my boyfriend and he was blending in with the wooden table behind him. he had his fingers resting on his knees and when i would look at him indirectly, it looked like his fingers were stretching towards the ground.
  7. Thats pretty awesome.

    I never get that when smoking, and honestly i dont want to:p My favorite high is where i still have my head on my shoulders, so to speak, but my body is all peaced out, then i lie down in bed and relax and shit and do whatever i want, or sit on my couch and watch an awesome movie.

    Hallucinations are fun when you get em tho.
  8. Over the summer my girlfriend stayed the night at my place pretty much every night. One time I got really baked and somehow forgot she wasn't spending the night that night and kept trying to ask her questions while I was playing a video game. I think I talked to the couch for like 5 minutes before I'd realized she went home. I think that weed might have been laced though, it tasted funny and my dealer did that to me more than once in the past without telling me right away.

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