"Hallucinations" while high?

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  1. Share any stories of you thinking you see stuff that isn't there...

    While some friends and I went to a field and smoked some weed from a pipe, I had a "hallucination". I use the quote marks, as it wasn't really a hallucination, but just my "weed-creative" mind made out shapes of blurred light - I don't really think it's possible to have a hallucination while high, so it's that kind of "hallucinations" I want you to share (of course, if you've had a real hallucination, share it!).

    Anyways, we went to the field and started puffing. We got pretty high. Then one of my friends asked if we felt high, and we said yes. Then he said that he hadn't put anything but tobacco in the pipe, and we got a little dissapointed, because it was only placebo, then. After a while I noticed that I was still high, so I asked him how that could be. Then he laughed, and said he was only kidding. I felt exhausted from that thinking it was only placebo, so I lay down on the corn, on my stommach. Then I saw a blue, neon sign like man moving upwards. He sat in a wheelchair, looking like a neon version of the handicap sign. He sat on a coffin. Then some neon lightning seemed to hit him from the side, there was a flash and then he turned a darker shade of blue and fell downwards, and it looked as if he'd died.

    Then I noticed that it was all made up from shadows in the crop.

    Pretty stoned, eh? Now it's your turn!
  2. I forget the name of the phenomenon but it's the most common form of 'tripping' on weed. Something to do with your eyes perceiving things closer or farther. I remember after a bong sesh my cat was sitting on my lap looking up at me and his head got a bit bigger all of sudden. Also it was the only thing my eyes could see focused, my peripheral vision got way blurrier.
  3. well i think i had something that i would call a hallucination...

    a few days back i was on holidays with some friends and one night we just got really drunk and met a dude that pulled a joint out and the weed was the best weed i ever smoked and the combination of alcohol and 1st class weed really fucked me up and i went to some tree a few meters away from our bench to "water it" and at that point i just got the feeling like i have enough and want to go home and i totally lost orientation and forgot where to go so i walked a few meters in an unknown direction and i remember looking in front of me and i saw about 30 trees that had no leaves or anything and big rocks on the dry ground and only darkness on the left and right and i swear i fucking heard like 10 ravens and it freaked the fuck out of me and i went back to the bench.

    well the other day i checked and ofcourse there were only a few NORMAL trees there and little rocks on the ground and lights all around the place and i asked m friends and there were definetly no ravens around :rolleyes:

    it was just a weird experience and to be honest, before this happened to me i really didn't believe u could have any kinds of hallucinations from weed
  4. i've totally had similiar experiences of things seeming to turn into other things, or thinking i saw something that wasn't really there. it's always a little weird. but sometimes i kind of enjoy it. it always makes things interesting. ;)
  5. Only on a special few occasions have i gotten so baked that it seemed as if there were little movements in my peripherals, like motion of a person or thing opening, but nothing was there after i looked. Very rare though, and very trippy.
  6. maybe this counts, yesterday me and two of my friends found a chill spot at a high school there was a bench in the tennis court and you wouldn't be able to see anything in the courts from the outside because of the covering around it and we sat there and smoked two j's of some grand daddy purp the school was right by a refinery and we kept seeing the clouds of smoke coming from it morph into different animals and stuff haha it was amazing. We were staring at it all night long :]
  7. you guys obvioulsly smoke more then just marijuana.... pfff....
  8. Eman: Really dude? You must be inexperienced or something, or just not get good shit.

    They're not talking about real hallucinations, like shroom hallucinations, they're talking about weird little moment where reality and daydream meld to make a trippy situation.
  9. Ive never had any real hallucinations, but after smoking about 5 bowls out of a bong I got up and walked through the hall and suddenly started feeling dizzy and began to see swirls and swirls of yellow and purple colors then I went blind for about 20 minutes lol..Has anyone ever went blind from smoking weed?
  10. When I smoke really good shit, I can hear what my dogs are thinking. :smoking:
    Those fuckers are damned funny, I love dem pooches.
  11. first time i smoked we were all hitting a corncob pipe up in my friend's treehouse. after about four bowls me and my friend's younger brother (also never smoked) could have sworn that we saw our friend's dad walking out towards us in just his whitie tighties (which would not have necessarily been too out of the ordinary) all pissed off that kids were up in the treefort. of course we get scared since it's our first time and we don't want to get caught, so the younger brother (in a back brace) jumped about 12 feet down to the ground, quickly followed by me, and we started sprinting up the road towards my place. we hear steps behind us and go faster, and once we reach a stop i check behind us, and expecting to see the dad, it's one of our friends. he asks us what the hell we were doing, why we jumped out, why we were running, etc etc...

    maybe me and the brother just in a sense "aided" in the hallucination, but we definitely thought we saw and heard the same things. can't say that has happened since, but a funny first experience.

  12. Yeah that's so weird when that happens. My friend said he was seeing a crayon wall while we were tripping, I look over and there's a wall full of crayons. Then comes the "HOW THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT?" Anyone know if there are any studies on this or anything? The power of suggestion can make you see just about anything.

    Also, Roger giving that gong the beating in Live in Pompeii is hilarious. He gets so into it.
  13. only thing that really happens to me besides misjudging distance is when i watch tv i sometimes see like a lil outline of the characters in a different color or il blink a lot and start seeing color spots but i don kno
  14. I dont know if this is normal or not but every time i toke up this happens to me. Everything is like that and it gets all stretchy
  15. weed brings back my lsd trip from two months ago sometimes. and off a firecracker and small amount of opiates im seeing hallucinations and words move like lsd. its tripping me out right now
  16. i was so fucked up i got covered in legos it was crazy
  17. one time, me and some buds turned on some techno dance shit and started dancing, and we all thought we were in a club, we could see the lights and everything, but it was just really dank chronic, so i dunnooo i would call that a hallucination
  18. i was smoking on my roof one night and i looked down to see someone running around my front yard. at first i was freaking out but then i figured out that my dog had just gotten out
  19. a few times when i was super baked i would sit on the sidewalk of an intersection and focus into the middle of it kinda and it would be the weirdest thing ever cause all the cars moving and then the things that just stood still like buildings would have some weird ass effect to me. It was like looking into a harry potter postcard or something haha i would always trip out :smoke:
  20. I think I had a few aural hallucinations last night when I was in bed. I had the tv on and I would hear someone say something on the tv that wasn't actually being said because it had nothing to do with what was on. It was kinda cool.

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