Hallucinations when high and days after getting high

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  1. Hi everyone. I’m 18 years old and I started smoking a year ago but I could never feel the “high” from weed. But last month I smoked a little bit too much and I felt terrible, I got panicked, started crying because I got hallucinations and I was seeing things zoomed-in and zoomed-out. I started crying because I thought this wouldn’t end and couldn’t enjoy it at all. Since then every time I smoke, I hallucinate and see the same way. When I started worrying was when I started feeling strange even when I’m not high. Like it’s a normal day and i haven’t smoked and I feel like I’m slightly high or I start wondering whether I exist. Should I stop smoking or what should I do to stop these effects on days when I don’t smoke? Thank you.
  2. IMO you should probably stop smoking if not just to give yourself time to return to a normal state as everything flushes from your system. While vision perception changes are common when someone smokes, THC is also psychoactive drug, and can trigger unknown underlying conditions or make already known mental conditions even worse, so take care if you have any.

    Also you prob won't want to hear this, but if you're under 25 and flooding your brain with mind altering drugs daily, you're possibly stunting the development of your parietal and prefrontal cortex. Impact of cannabis use on prefrontal and parietal cortex gyrification and surface area in adolescents and emerging adults - ScienceDirect
  3. Be honest with us. What are you actually smoking?

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