Hallucinations Upon Waking Up

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  1. A few hours ago I awoke in the middle of the night to use the restroom. I had to go badly so I tumbled out of bed in a hurry. I proceeded out of my bedroom and made my way down the hall way. Just as I was about to turn the corner I stared into the kitchen and saw a black figure sitting on the edge of the table, just staring at me. I sprinted through the bathroom door and locked it. As I went to the bathroom, I looked around the room. I saw little black geometrical shapes all over. On the sink, the walls, everywhere. They were growing and shrinking, twisting and turning. I ran out of the bathroom, down the hall, and into my bedroom. After I calmed down a bit I opened my bedroom door and saw nothing there. No shadowy figure, no black geometrical shapes, nothing. I was very freaked out and couldn't get back to sleep. I was not on any alcohol or drugs. I was completely sober and I went to bed sober. It was as if I was in a daze, not fully awake and not fully asleep, but somewhere in between.

    Any one know what this was? I'm frightened.
  2. Why be frightened? Just because you weren't expecting it, and it was obviously a bit of a shock to experience it, doesn't mean it must be something to freak out about. For me, experiences are all about their meaning and how they make you feel, not whether they might have been seen by someone else if they were present.

    Who's to say whether you were hallucinating, or even whether hallucinations are, by their very subjective nature, something that isn't 'real'. Accept that you had a strange experience and leave it at that. Talk about it, share it, by all means, but just try to be with it, and at some point you may begin to understand what it was and why it came about.
  3. It happens to me sometimes too dude, nothing to worry about. Me and alot of my family experience delirium when we wake up if we are hungry or exhausted. Sometimes I will wake up and lay in bed and have weird abstract thoughts that I am totally convinced of. Last week I layed in bed thinking the street was flooding and that I would have to swim to my friend's. The key to not being disturbed when you have a bad experience with hallucination or delirium is to realize that it isn't real when it's over. Doing this will help you recognize them when they actually occuring, which actually makes them interesting for me atleast. I wouldn't worry about it at all

  4. It sounds like you were just dreaming while awake. It happens sometimes when the line between wakefulness and sleep is blurred.
    If you believe it won't happen again, then it won't.
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    i have something similar to this experience. at times, when i wake up by disturbance (like an alarm clock for school), i was fully convinced that i had an essay to write right away, so i woke up looking for a pencil for a couple of seconds, then realized it wasn't real.

    no hallucins though.
    (or however you spell it)
  6. Was it like the light headed daze, where it takes a while for the blood to rush to your head from laying down so long? I used to get that a lot when I smoked cigs.. if it wasn't that, I'm not really sure bud, but I wouldn't be too worried about it. Just let us know if it happens again..

    Fun fact: (I doubt this is good for your eyes.. but I've never had problems from the few times I've done it. Just be careful) If you close your eyes, and place a little pressure on the outsides with your index finger, after about 10-15 seconds, you'll start to see fractal type shapes and eventually it'll get bright white. You can do it with your eyes open too..
  7. u were just in a dreaming state, this is why. a sudden disruption while your 3rd eye is partially pryed open can cause such experiences. you are both in this world, and the dream world simultanelously. lucky!
  8. have u ever experimented with lsd or meth? these drugs are known to mimic the symptoms of schizophrenia months or even years after you take it.

    stick to the buddha plant

  9. i totally know what ur talkin bout! it reminds me of my salvia trip:smoke::smoke:
  10. I attribute it to being ripped out of REM sleep...smiliar to what others have said.....still dreaming...yet awake.
  11. I have similar experiences to this each morning as I'm just waking and sometimes as I'm drifting off to sleep. Thoughts are very abstract and segmented and sometimes there are mild hallucinations.

    For me, its just like an altered consciousness, I feel like I am dreaming but I know I am awake. ...funny now I think about it, cause when I'm lucid dreaming I feel like I'm awake but I know I'm dreaming. Haha perhaps I'm actually always dreaming :p...
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    I know what ur talking about it happens to me too its like ur dreaming and awake sometimes i stay laying down after i wake up just to trip out i get the craziest dreams
  13. Haha same!!! Its heaps of fun! :D
  14. There is nothing to be afraid of.

    We humans fear what we don't understand, so, one must research this, scour the internet, the library for anything related to what you saw... because everything is connected.

    Remember, when you see them again, don't be afraid... go have a chat with one of them.
  15. Are you sure you even got out of bed? Thats the first question i ask when i have had this type of experience... lots of the time ill dream i got up, and went to do something, and something terrifying leads me back to my room, but, there are times when i can analyze what i saw, and realize there is no possible way it actually happened (mainly because i sleep with a fan infront of my door, which requires me to move it to leave the bed room in summer time, and i never did, or other detail)....

    If i determined, that i did actually get up and "see" something... i go fuckin back to sleep lol either way, you didnt see anything.... and if you did, do you REALLY want to go back and see it? Of course, this only applies to shit, like you said, seeing shadow figures, or ghosts.... Lots of my childhood nightmares consisted of me dreaming of waking up, going out in the hall and seeing something so sketch i would wake up and be convinced it happened lol... I eventually grew out of the notion it did happen... and generally my "awake" dreams now are just weird patterns and shapes, but sometimes i will get up, or dream i got up ,and go see something i would NOT want to encounter in reality, so i dont bother to go check, if its real, fuck it, im not lookin, if it isnt, well, win/win
  16. This is not all that uncommon and is a sleep disorder called hypnopompic hallucinations. Most common things seen during these hallucinations (upon just waking) are spiders, other insects, black dogs, dark shadowy figures but the vivid imagination can conjure up all sorts of sights. It affects teenagers the most but can also affect children and adults. It is usually temporary and can be alleviated with more rest and less stress. If it is very often and become extremely frightening then you need a doctor (sleep therapist).
  17. This happens to me too sometimes. It's more rare than not, but it's just your brain reacting to different physiological effects. You're sleeping and maybe dreaming, then all the sudden you're awake but still potentially dreaming. It's like taking a piss at 4 a.m. and you can't really open your eyes because your brain is saying, "You need more sleep!"

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