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Hallucinations on weed!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sam_, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, today I smoked .5 of cheese weed! I got hallucinations that lasted around 2 hours! I sore trippy shapes and tents of all things was a re-occurring thing. It felt as if I was in a video game and reality was just a big screen, I met up with my friend and he helped me walk 3 miles to my other mates house. I can't remember ANYTHING I said to him! It was't scary at all it was only scary for the first 5mins when the visuals were so strong and I felt so ill I later on the ground. I also started doing things like talking and walking without thinking it lasted around 4hours 2 of them being full off hallucinations! Was it weed that I smoked? Please not that it is my first time! I wanna know if it was laced and if I'll be ok? It was pre grinded and didn't spell very good...
  2. Well if I thought you were laced I wouldn't tell you because the moderators don't like us speaking about other drugs. Your ok, It was your first time. Enjoy it while your tolerance is sill that low.
  3. Since you already smoked it, I don't think there's much point in talking about it. A good thing to know when buying/smoking weed in the future is to make sure it's in nug-form. Sometimes it can be shaky and have very small nugs, but if the weed looks like it came from one plant (not a blend), then you should be fine.

    Also, a STRONG sweet/tea-like smell is usually a bad sign.
  4. Hallucinations aren't really that common while under the effects of marijuana. What type of hallucinations did you experience?
  5. Thinks moving around, and vision being stretched and I also sore lots of stop signs in trees, grass ext
  6. Hmm interesting. The closest I've come to a hallucination while high was mistaking some dust for a spider.

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