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  1. So Im a newly registered use here and would like to share some of the hallucinations I have when I smoke. Last night, I was with my buddies tokin' up and I was straight blizted. I think alot about the most weirdest shit or the greatest shit. Sometimes I'll see demons or friendly enittys. But last night I saw a demon. It was a black sorta translucent figure. No facial structure, nothing. Well it walked through the door making no noise and (this is one of my fucked up moments) it was standing behind my friend and just ripped his head off. But right after it happened it was jsut as if his head hadnt gotten torn off, and the demon disappears. (Note that I feel like its actually happening in front of me) And I just sit there with the most blank expression on my face. And my two buddies are trying to talk to me and It felt like I couldn't hear them. All I was hearing was just white noise in my head. Moments later I fianly snaped out of it and said something. Well I told them what I saw and they told me that that was oen of the most fucked up thing ive ever told them. They said I should see a psychiatrist. I told them it was just an illusion but it felt real. So we just kinda shrugged it off and went on from there.
    Now to my second hallucination (in the same night). This time it involved my other buddy. What I saw was a bullet appearing out of thin air and going through his head. It felt real, like if you were to actually see someone get shot and blood going everywhere. And just the same as my first buddy right as the bullet exited the other side its as if it didnt happen. And again I had a blank look on my face. I told them what I saw and they instantly got terrified of what I said.
    With me, I feel like I see things liek that happening to me but from a 3rd person perspective. I know people that might read this might think Im insane or loosing insanity and my mind is corroded with madness if you will but in a way I like having visions like that. Of course I would never in my life time would ever want to experience it if it were actually happen right then and there and everything being real and not a hallucination.
    And then there are most the times where I have fantastic hallucinations. I wont go into detail about that becuase thats just another story. But tell me what you fellow tokers think about this post. I want others to tell me how they feel about this. Don't get me wrong or anything having hallucinations (good or bad) make me feel very calm and collective about things but for the bad ones, its just very fucked up, but in a way Im okay with that. I love how the brain works and how mary-jane affects the brain and what chemicals it releases in the brain. All that stuff gets me excited about the human anatomy and such.
    So jsut please leave a comment about anything.

  2. By chance do you have family history of schizophrenia? Using weed can bring it out earlier and these sound like schizophrenic hallucinations to me a bit.Sent from my SM-T310 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. Sounds like a schizosituationSent from my HTC One X using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. I have not. Or atleast not that I would ever remember. I mean awhile back my and my buddy would have fucked up conversations. I would sometimes thing of the weirdest shit/fucked up. I hope I don't have that. I mean the visions don't bother me or does that not matter?
  5. You may need to rethink  smoking weed.....As many folks as I've smoked with nobody ever told me about thoughts like that....
    maybe you should seek professional help....good luck...
  6. Well I'm not very affected by it at really, its just very weird to see it. I've never once actually once gone mad or anything or went insane. Isnt it just all apart of my imagination opening up? I do believe in demons and all that sorts of stuff. I do believe that my house is haunted, and that I feel like an entity follows me. Ive never felt like ive been controlled or taken over by a demonic presence either.
  7. That isn't normal.
    You are probably trolling.
  8. I am most certainly not trolling my friend. I wouldn't be able to make this shit up. Nor would I put time into trying.. 
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    If you are having these hallucinations from smoking weed, you either
    A ) Aren't using just weed
    B ) Have a serious mental disorder
  10. Weed doesn't do that, you are messed up.
  11. I can assure you that im smoking 100% chronic. I don't have these thoughts when im sober though, only when Im high. I can assure you I dont have a disorder either.. Im a normal person, just my imagination is sometimes fucked up.
  12. i suggest you go to the nearest hospital soon bro.*Sent from Mars*
  13. Guy's to be honest I don't think theres anything wrong with "me". Just my imagination.
  14. wow that is very intence .
  15. I don't usually get hallucinations after a normal dose, say about 2-3 hits. 
    At about 8 hits, I might get hallucinations though. There's one time I see my friend died sort of but it wasn't that vivid. I just saw it in my head we were getting chased by big dogs and he were pounced by the dog in a cartoonish way. 
    But your hallucinations were scary. I would freak out. What do they think about after you told them what you saw? 
  16. I think you just have extemly wild imagination.. i have pretty good imagination too, so i ''see'' shit like this.. but its more like you are able to ''see'' your thoughts and your life and your imagination flowing together. like i said i got these too but not even close this intense
  17. This is what I was thinking on this topic
    If you're taking moments where you can't hear your friends, and they say that's fucked up and you should see someone
    looks like you've been affected by it, and so have your friends. 
    smoke less? smoke none? seek help? 
    idk man, but i'l be honest i wou;dn't enjoy smoking with someone who keeps staring at me blankly, then saying how he just saw me die in some fucked up way.
    i'd kick that dude right out. 
  19. I wasn't staring at them, but just I was staring into space. And this stuff only happens when I smoke and only SOMETIMES. 
  20. They just tell me that its kinda terrifying lol.

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