Hallucinations - Believers Only, Please

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    I'd like to start off that I don't want a discussion on IF hallucinations happen on pot.

    A lot of people think it happens, I've seen varying levels of it in others, even when they don't realize they are hallucinating until I tell them. If you think it can't happen, more power to you. Please don't gunk up this thread telling me how I haven't experienced what I've experienced - and what I've seen in others and read other postings.

    We don't have to agree. :)

    Now for who's left: Let's talk a bit about the experience. A former member here mentioned in a post a number of hallucinations, and I've experienced wild, open eye, fully submersible hallucinations on marijuana. To those of you who've had them too:

    1) Do you know why?
    Are dabbing, etc, more conducive?
    What strains/circumstances effects it?

    ATK1 gene? There's been some research showing this gene correlated strongly with psychoactive effects.

    http://thescienceexplorer.com/brain-and-body/scien... - talks more about psychosis, but several articles have mentioned these people are also more likely to get intense effects.

    2) Tolerance issues?
    Over time, I've built a tolerance, and I think this is much of why I rarely get any effects
    Dosing is an issue, too. Back in the day, I think I took more without realizing it
    Short break doesn't seem to do much

    Anyway, this isn't really in the form of a question, but if there are some people who'd like to discuss this honestly, I'd love to carry on the conversation. I'd tell what I've seen/felt/gone, but I'll get shot down by nonbelievers. Let's get this rolling before people focus on "trolling" - which this isn't, if you don't buy into it, just skip it.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Sirsog: Awesome! I appreciate light handed moderation. Thanks for being reasonable, sorry if I offended!

  2. smoked a gram of potent kief in the 2000s, saw weird stuff at the pool with my friends. Saw animal shadows and strange Noises.
    It takes a massive hit at once to achieve hallucination with cannabis in my.opinion .
  3. The only time I ever hallucinated while high on weed, I was taking another drug I had been prescribed for blood pressure.

    I smoked 2 or 3 bowls, and I took the normal night time dose.

    While I was hitting my last bowl, (late at night- maybe 1am) I started to hear laughs and chuckles coming from behind me like there were a group of people standing behind me with their faces all huddled around me as close as they could get. I then started to see claw marks on the garage door, and heard chalk board scratching sounds.

    At that point I booked it to bed and tried my best to sleep it off. I think the weed was what set me off, on top of the meds.

    The only time I've ever hallucinated I believe, and I hated every second of it. Was more creepy than scary
  4. About 18 years ago when I was a teenager I had this realy geat weed that I smoked with some friends. Got pretty baked and then later that night in my bedroom I was hitting this lung I had made and I was holding them in as long as possible to hold down on the smell factor. Anyways after I was done I had a cigarette. While outside I was watching the smoke rings and such everything else around the smoke was morphing almost like a light mushroom high. I was realy zoning out and went inside. Watching TV my floor carpet looked like it was slightly slanted and moving. I remember this high to this day, and have never experienced again. I would compare it to eating a light dose of mushrooms. I wasn't seeing shit, but definitely my vision and balance were off from this high.

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  5. myself and a few other friends were taking on something people were calling agent orange. It had an overpowering smell of oranges. Like the orange cleaner shit. Super concentrated kind of smell. We were pretty hammered off of a doobie when I started seeing shit. Full on colored lights flying around us and up in the sky. I wasn't the only one who was seeing stuff. It was the only time ever that it happened to me.

    I have had all of the other stuff, hearing things, seeing stuff out of the corner of my eye and what not like we all have had as stoners at one time or another. But never something that was reality altering like I have had on unmentionables. To be honest, if ganja was making me trip and see shit I wouldn't smoke it hardly ever. I like the milder effects of ganja, I like to sleep on ganja too. I sleep soooooo damn good when I'm high lol!
  6. Amen, weed just wouldn't be as amazing as it is if you tripped balls every time you smoked. The thing I like about cannabis is this, I can smoke a fat blunt or a few grams in the morning, then within 6 hours, I'll be sober and completely normal.

    If I drank a few screwdrivers or beers in the morning, I wouldn't be able to drive all day. I like weed because it's mellow, I'm still myself when im smoking. But yet, im still in an altered state of mind. When smoking, I can go on long hikes and walks if I want. But if I drank or took any other drugs, I'd probably stumble around for a couple minutes before giving up. My point is, I can function like a normal person while high. Most people can't tell unless I just smoked and I reak, or my eyes are red as shit. Even then it's pretty easy to play it off

    Sure, a pure, strong psychoactive form of cannabis would be something I'd like to try, but I wouldn't do it everyday.
  7. IMO its because your brain is slowed down and is seeing what it wants to see and hearing what it wants to hear, in the time when you see whatever and when your brain kinda catches up enough to rationalize it.

    Worst and only potential hallucination for myself was me and my buddies were in a field, smoking beside an abandoned tractor. My buddy, opposite side of me in the back of the SUV had just stepped outside to take a piss, so i looked outside my window and i swear to fucking god i saw a guy walk by in blue jeans with a plaid shirt hanging over the top of his jeans, down past his pockets. I was fucking scared sober and immediately yelled at my buddy to get in the car. I figured some dude was out checking if we were fucking with his tractor, but there were no houses nearby and i didnt get a look at his face at all, just the bottom of his jeans and shirt. They all convinced me i hallucinated it but there is a small part of me that says i saw what i saw, idk. >.>
  8. I was baked with friends at a meadow and we thought we saw Cougars and wolves but it was only trees lol

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  9. I took 3 marijuana's and saw rainbow unicorn pugs EVERYWHERE
    I also saw orange bubbles in the sky
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  10. Im glad you made this thread. This is a phenomenon only a few people get to experience. Dont be surprised if alot of people argue on this because thats how alot of blades are: they overly criticize things they know nothing about behind a keyboard to feel better about themselves, so just ignore the nonbelievers because a certain few of us know that weed CAN cause mild visuals. What people often forget is marijuana is indeed a psychedelic. The best way to get the visuals is to ingest as much thc and cbd as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. The way weed affects people with a tolerance is based on how fast they ingest the medicine. Say you had a bowl of kief. If you smoked it all in one hit (assuming the cherry wasnt too big) you would be really high but if you took your time with it you would still be high, but not to the same intensity as if you took it all at once. Theres some study on this but i dont feel like lookin up the link. But the best way to get "visuals" from cannabis is eating highly concentrated edibles or hash. Note that some people (due to metabolism or tolerance) wont be able to achieve these effects but i happen to know its true. If you are interested in this subject i highly recommend a book called the hasheesh eater by fitzhugh ludlow it talks all about eating a lot of hash and trippin out

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  11. this^^^^ he knows whats up

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  12. On one last note: some strains are much better at producing psychedelic styled effects, i would go for a very pure sativa

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  13. I hallucinated an earthquake once.
  14. >>>Im glad you made this thread.
    Thanks! I've tried it before, but generally it's overrun with folks saying it just doesn't happen.

    >>>The best way to get the visuals is to ingest as much thc and cbd as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.
    Lately, I've kinda noticed this. Initially, I'm not sure it was true for me, it just seemed total dose.

    >>>Say you had a bowl of kief.
    I had a bowl of kief.

    >>If you smoked it all in one hit (assuming the cherry wasnt too big) you would be really high but if you took your time with it you would still be high, but not to the same intensity as if you took it all at once.
    Uh huh, I see that with my Pax sometimes - I don't feel quite high, but that not-quite-high lasts for hours. :)
    Certainly when I have a lot quick, I can get a few seconds or even minutes of effects, but not like before. Not an hour of it.

    >>>Theres some study on this but i dont feel like lookin up the link.
    If you have any idea where to find this, I'd be super indebted if you could. I'd really like to see more about it - any ideas where or when it was done, etc?

    >>>But the best way to get "visuals" from cannabis is eating highly concentrated edibles or hash.
    I've never tried anything but various flowers, generally vaporized. I think as my tolerance builds I can't experience it anymore on smaller amounts.

    >>>If you are interested in this subject i highly recommend a book called the hasheesh eater by fitzhugh ludlow it talks all about eating a lot of hash and trippin out
    Thanks for that recommendation!

    I suppose I should mention that the effects I've had have been EXTREME. Very much like on other, US legal, substances, which I won't discuss.
    I've found that making an effort to hallucinate helps. Sitting down in a quiet place (I go back and forth on music - it helps to set the mood, but it kinda gives you too much of a time reference), and spinning lights or something interesting to look at doesn't hurt. Then again, my simple patterned bedspread has worked.

    I've had experiences where the rooms of my house seemed like each was a separate piece, rocking and clanking between the cracks. There's a chance I was unsteady/off balance from alcohol and the pot filled in the visuals? Anyway, the rooms would move 15-20 degrees relative to each other, you could see outer space between the cracks.

    Another time, the floors were elastic, each step would sink into the floor, and when I lifted a foot, I could feel it pushing me up - like folks bounding on the moon looks. That was pot only. This lasted for ~30 minutes of real time, it was hard to get from room to room. The amount my feet were sinking was unrealistic - not an inch, more like 1-2 feet, like walking in snow somehow.

    Another time, my bedspread started sparkling and having waves in it.

    Another time, while on a walk outside, time seemed to be going slowly - it took me what felt like ~2 days to get to the end of my block (walking with other people, I know I was really walking as normal). The interesting part was though I was walking normal, the sidewalk kept stretching at me like taffy - like a treadmill that let you move forward but only a little.

    In general, I think I've found the more sensations that get together to tell a story, the more your brain fills in. I've rarely heard things that weren't there, and now I seem to have to WORK at seeing open eye stuff.

    I used to almost always see "close eye visuals" in the shower while high, even with eyes open but not really looking at stuff. Now showers are just pleasant except the weird feeling that this is the 5th time I've washed my hair and need to start paying attention. :)

    Sorry if this sounds like a troll, it isn't. I've been considering a tolerance break. It'd be well worth it. Ideally, through strain and dosing, I could choose when to feel "relaxed and productive", and save tripping balls for special occasions. It's like real drugs but safe and legal! :)
  15. If you're hallucinating on weed you have some underlying issue you should talk to someone about. You could be on the road to schizophrenia. Hallucinations are the one of the highest forms of neurosis.
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    All drugs effect people in different ways, I think I've seen enough varying reactions in different people to know this. I occatianally see a colour or something out of the corner of my eye but only when I'm blazed as and more so on edibles. Now audio hallucinations are very coming when stoned especially for paranoid people, but I've heard people call my name when they haven't and heard music when none is playing, and its never happened without weed (though its rare even with weed) so IMO I'd attribute it to the weed and think its normal. Some people think its all in peoples heads and from the reefer madness propaganda (complete bullshit) but I just substances can effect people in drastically different ways.
  17. Whenever I hallucinate, it never seems to be anything fun or good for some reason. I hallucinated on the drive home with a friend and it looked like black figures kept running into the road. It's always my worry that we'll hit someone while driving. I also have a bad fear of soviets, and there were few times I got high and thought that my house was under attack. Super embarrassing when I call my gf at work to let her know I'm hiding in the upstairs closet. Why do hallucinations mostly have to be fears?
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  18. No, never...And trust me; I've tried really, really hard.[​IMG]
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  19. Not downing in any way shape or form but never hallucinated from pot I could do dab after dab after joint after bong hit and nothing like that but hey to each his own

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  20. If you cant achieve that state perhaps your friend mr. Thompson can supply you with one of his remedies?

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