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Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by mess14951, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. ok, so my first time or so i felt like i was hallucinating some, things all looked different, but i didn't see things that weren't there of do anything too insane. now i know that THC is concidered a hallucinogen for some reason, how much do you have to smoke (and keep tolerance in mind) before you actually hallucinate, or is it just something that happens sometimes...
  2. i cant say i remember ever really hallucinating from weed. i have a pretty high tolerance now. ive been smoking for 5 years now. I have done LSD and shrooms so maybe my perception of hallucinating is different from yours.
  3. i have gotten closed eye visuals from a couple of bowls of really good headies
  4. If you're just seeing that things look a little different then you aren't hallucenation.

    For example, if some things look stretched out or different but everything is in the right place, you're just really high. That's nothing to worry about it.

    If a stop sign turns into a red dragon and tries to flip over your car, you're hallucenating... and hopefully not the one driving.
  5. Well, hallucinating isn't just visuals.. Weed changes your sense, smell, taste ..etc... Thats pretty much what hallucinating is, without the visuals.

    LSD, Shrooms, ETC... Are Phycadelic Hallucinigens. So you trip...

    Lol.. what trying to say is hallucinating isnt the same as tripping...
  6. Pot seems to really make my imagination more "vivid". Like, just picturing anythign in my head becomes more clear, like I was actually seeing it. Would that count as hollucinating if your imagination looked so real?

    I also had visuals off of good weed. I saw designs, music notes, and geometric patterns morphing into each other and dividing. Sometimes I would get a 'flash' of an image, that would pop up and scare the crap out of me. It usually wasn't a very pleasant image either.
  7. My first time i'm not sure if I would consider it hallucinating, but the whole world seemed to be going in bars, like bad reception on a tv, but I definitely took a huge bong hit and smoked some really good NorCal bud. Either way it was fun, and im sad my tolerance is so high I can't get to that level anymore :(. O Well. Stay high!

  8. Thats closed eye visuals. I dont know if that really counts as hallucinating. The most you could probably get off of nug is closed eye visuals. It'll never make you hallucinate like shrooms or LSD would.
  9. maybe ur talking about how weed gives you closed-eye hallucinations (like when ur lying in bed). only hallucinations u can get are maybed things a lil warped or stretched out
  10. I have mental trips when I listen to music.

  11. I got some open-eye visuals too, however they were just 2D patterns and shapes.

    Sometimes while I'm high, and there's no music playing, I can "hear" some psychedelic trance playing in the distance, when there is really no music playing.

    I think it's because when I'm high, my mind finds patterns in ambient noise more easily, and thus turns the sound of air into music.
  12. so you don't ever really trip out and see things like with saliva or acid. i know i've had auditory hallucinations but actually trips no. basically you just get altered percaption and your sences act a little differently?

    so its basically just what i thought it was, just that it alters perception but doesent actually make you hallucinate, it doesnt actually make you trip...?
  13. In my eyes hallucinating means seeing things that are not there. When you are high things just become more vivid or I am able to concentrate on certains things more, like music. Or basically anything that you look at. It doesn't change in appearance, you are just experiencing euphoria. Smell and taste doesn't actually change either. Just more vivid.
  14. My first time toking, The only thing i halucinated was buildings in the sky. In my perefiral vision i would see them stretch out behing the trees, complete with clotheslines and people, but when i tried to look at them directly they would dissapear

    that's about it, never seen anything since then, but have gotten closed eye visuals when listening to music
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    when I used t smoke pot all the time I wouldn't really hallucinate, but crazy thoughts would pop up in my head and at first it was funny, but then it got bothersome.

    On the extreme hand of literally trippin' my brain out for good on LSD, I had no idea of what was really going on. I saw everything in total hallucination world- but to me it was the way things were, I didn't know the difference, I had no conscience at all, no filter/ability to wonder if it was real or dream- whatever the hallucination was, was real to me. I tripped/climaxed for about 10 days real hard w/no sleep, then was extreme psychosis/dementia still with no ability to recognize what was going on around me very much- everything pertained to some delusional hallucinatory realm. I had to go in a loony bin for a week and take Hal-Dol to come down- and I didn't get my senses or conscience back for about a month. When I was gradually coming down on the medicine i still constantly was stuck hallucinating and having major scary delusions. It was pretty scary for a while (all the stuff I saw that wasn't there). I saw so many things everyday- one night I was staring at the tv (right before i got on the medicine) trying to sleep cause that's what 'the babysitters' told me to do. And the tv wasn't on I don't think, but I saw in black and white one of those promotional commercials like a faces of death movie advertisement, but it was of me getting killed over and over again- it was horrible. First I saw my self walk into a truck stop bathroom (the kind on the out side of the store) anyway I was on video going in the bathroom, then a truck driver lit and threw a stick of dynamite in with me just as I had gotten in. The video zoomed out and showed the explosion burst out the door. Then another clip of me swimming in the ocean near the shore with a shark chasing me and biting at me from behind as I swam for my life. Then me and one of my buddy's obliviously stoned walking across railroad tracks with a train coming- we didn't even give notion to the train coming and the train just knocked us flat dead instantly, but it wasn't that graphic of the wheel- rail/body smashing view, just real quick got ran over. I could sense something wasn't right with what I was seeing at that time, but still couldn't acknowledge I was trippin'. But it wasn't that bad, it was actually kinda fun. anyway I can laugh about it now cause I'm alright.
  16. That's crazy, it makes me even more scared to try LSD.

    That's what salvia did to me, but it only lasted for 5 minutes. I hardly remember what I saw, it seemed so familiar though, like my entire early life was a trip, like.. I think when you're an infant and toddler, you hallucinate like you would on drugs, but you don't realize it, it's reality to you. And as your brain develops, and you gain more body weight, the hallucinogen levels go down, and you don't hallucinate any more. And then when you do, it just brings back memories of infancy.. Know what I mean?
  17. I really did have alot of fun while trippin all that time though, I mean i just didn't give a shit- I was ridin' cr125 everyday and night- going all over the places, going to spend the week with family and all kinds of fun stuff like a never ending carnival. It was awesome mostly.
    At first i thought I was on a space mission sent to another planet by top government officials on earth, sent to catch some kinda interplanetary criminal who'd done something bad on earth then scrammed to another planet and I was sent to find him. That lasted about 4 days. I was shoving mail in the gas tank hole of my granny's car thinking I was sending important documents back to earth. Then I broke into this huge swivelling bulldozer thing that cut trees down during a horrible thunderstorm one night. I rode down the road on a bicycle, helmet, sunglasses, dress shirt and tie I took from my paw-paw's closet. I thought that huge swiveling tree cutter on trax was a spaceship i could use to get back to earth.
  18. yep. I understand.
  19. While on salvia I thought I was going on some kind of mission. I didn't move from my seat, I was sitting in my computer chair the whole time, but I really felt like I was somewhere else, doing something, trying to accomplish something.. I just wasn't in my room any more. But I don't think I did it right, I did it from a pipe and used a cheap lighter.. So as soon as it wore off in about 3 minutes, reality hit me again and I was so disappointed. Not in the salvia, just in the fact that I wasn't on a mission, I was sitting in my chair.. I just hated the fact that you can't get anything done from your chair, you actually have to get up and physically do things.

    It's times like that where I wish I had telekinesis. Also that I could be everywhere at once.
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    this part made me trip the fuck out. it gave me a back flash. when i was on shrooms and whoever said it said "Life's a trip." it was some lady, i thought to be the keeper of the magical mushrooms, then all these thoughts and facts and backflashes started happening rushing through my brain i could see my internal vessels and with each breath of air i learned more about the world, more about the truth of life, i saw ancient hieroglyphics decrypting inside my head, i flashes backed months to time when me and my friend were driving in his car and he said something to me and i didnt understand, i asked him what he meant and he said you will understand and it became clear as crystal, and everything started piecing together. and for some reason i knew if i woke up in the morning i wasn't going to remember anything i have learned, but simply feel more appreciation to be alive. it was then that i thought life was a trip. i feel there is a secret out there about life, waiting to be discovered but we human's are not ready for that kind of truth.

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