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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mindofleaf, May 28, 2013.

  1. So yesterday night I picked up from a new guy that my friend knew. I got home and smoked 2 bowls out of my new bong, and put some music on and my phone was vibrating so I take it out to check it, I guess I went to text my friend back and all the letters on my keyboard were spinning and changing shapes, almost like morphing into other objects. Is this normal? It's never happened to me before and I smoke maybe once a day usually at night before going to bed.  here's a pic don't know if it will help image (1).jpg

  2. That looks like really dank weed, you were probably just baked as fuck and started seeing shit, that's normal I've had that happen every so often
  3. Probably laced.

  4. Might have been some really good bud.
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    What did you say about me in that other thread?.well here ya go op... You cant trip on weed. What you felt/feel is euphoria(sp?) i doubt you would have tripped like how you would with unmentionables. It was just some good bud. Enjoy yourself blade.
  6. Were you tired too? Ive thought I was seeing shit after smoking and being up for 40+ hours.
  7. I wanna try that now haha. Sounds fun.
    I was on a 2 day hiking trip and it was fucking raining the whole time and nobody slept haha. After getting home I sat down, smoked a bowl and just sat there looking at the tv which was off. Nothing was normal, I wasnt seeing shit, but nothing was quite right lol. I ended up playing xbox and then sleeping for around 20 hours. Overall the whole thing was fun, but the lack of sleep can get trippy and i got a mild cold haha.

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