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Hallucinating on weed??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cbt420, May 29, 2016.

  1. I bought a couple grams for 20$ and I wasn't expecting it to be great if anything since it was so cheap. Holy shit was I wrong. If I stared and focused at any object I would start tripping! I stared at myself in the mirror for a few seconds and I started turning into Freddy cougar which kinda freaked me out at the time:lmafoe: today was the first day I've smoked since getting caught on 420 so my tolerance might be lower than usual. Has anyone else ever tripped off weed? This is never happened to me before today
  2. This kind of made me cringe. No I've never tripped besides thinking people said different things than they actually did.

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  3. No i dont hallucinate but i will get lost in my own mind on weed
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  4. I know I trip on weed, but hallucinate that has not happened to me. I do enjoy the trips because I be thinking of the weirdest Sh!t of how things became.

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  5. Weed is oft-described as a mild hallucinogen, and I whole-heartedly agree. I've tripped like fuck off some dank before, still do nowadays, too, if I get some dabs up in that shit.

  6. I call bullshit.

    I've hallucinated on cannabis but only shadows looking weird.

    No one is turning into Freddy Krueger, that's just you being high and getting carried away.
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  7. I have never in all my years of passing the piece pipe. I have never hallucinated. Maybe I don't have the right stuff. Hmmm:weed-4::vaping:
  8. I would call bullshit myself, as I have personally never experienced anything visual. But weed affects everyone differently, and I have had a friend in particular who constantly claimed he was seeing things while we smoked. So maybe, weed affects this person differently than most of us. Whatever it is OP, if you don't enjoy it simply stop, if you like it then hella keep going, it's like you got weed And shrooms for the price of one!
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  9. I've had some mild open-eye visuals a couple of times I've been really, really stoned off my ass. Mostly when spacing out in near-complete darkness or when stargazing. Listening to music seems to enhance them, too. That said, I get closed-eye visuals regularly, mostly colorful fractal patterns.
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  10. Every time I smoke I feel like I'm in a fucking Simpsons episode

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