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Hallucinating off weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by T-Toke, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Now i know everyone says they only get mild closed eye visuals but the other night me and 2 of my friends hit a MASSIVE 5g blunt to the face and I thought i had took shrooms. We were sitting outside with no lights except the trunk light of the car so it was really dark. It looked like a strobe light was on cuz i only could see in frames. And everything kept morphing. At one point my friend had bent over to pick up a basketball and his outline turned into a dog. It was wild. And when i closed my eyes the most random colorful and vivid shit appeared. But i wasn't scared or anything. I jus chilled the whole night laughing and we went driving to a couple ppls houses(those rides by the way were also wild. It felt like we were driving soooo fast and i kept seeing shit in the trees). Does this stuff happen to anyone else??
  2. I'll have what your having:D:smoking:
  3. since using lsd a month or two ago (my fucking memorys hazy) dank weed gives me tracers. I smoke on an almost nightly basis but weed has been getting more psychedelic for me recently, last friday i took 48 hours off and when I hit my first session after I seriously felt like I was tripping.

    Usually it happens with lower lighting, but when I blaze alot I see these Donnie Darko looking see thru liquid things bouncing around at the corner of my eye. (not too intensly ,but its very intresting)

    Im intrested to know if other lsd users have found weed to become more psycedelic for them
  4. It's not like your really hallucinating, everything just seems to be distorted like speeds, time, and lights and colors. Sometimes it does seem almost as if you are hallucinating just not as intense.
  5. You said it perfectly. Thats why I wasn't panicing. Like even though everything was morphing I just knew it wasn't there.
  6. I've experienced the same kinda thing when I was smoking a blunt and I looked at my face in the mirror and my facial expressions were changing like on shrooms. Lasted only a couple sec though
  7. im really skinny and i trip off weed all the time. i have open eyed visuals on a regular basis. it could be just because of my body weight, im 5 foot 11 and wieght 130 with a body fat % of 3%. a friend who is skinner than i am trips the same way off weed. i would assume its my body size but it could be something else. hope that helps.
  8. I used to get "the frames". I called it that cuz it looks like everything is moving in frames.
  9. I vaped chronic and thought I was on the titanic, but I was really sitting in my chair, it wasn't really tripping though
  10. I trip open and closed eyed off good quality dank pretty often. After taking shrooms and lsd, and learning to "play" with my visuals and get in the right mind state, my highs have become much more trippy.

  11. yeah dude ever since i had my second acid trip in april, getting really high definately feels pretty trippy and psychedelic. different strains seem to amplify or nullify the effect to some degree, but it's always present in some form...always at night at least. ive only tripped during the night, so i think that might have something to do with it, the orange glow of streetlights always trips me out!
  12. The closest I've ever come to hallucinating was seeing a painting of a cowboy staring straight at me with a big smile on his face and tipping his hat. Everyone else said it wasn't there.
  13. I was in a dark forest listening to Dark Side of the Moon and I thought a big lead was a big bird's wing. I thought the bird was flying by,
  14. Marijuana is actually a hallucinogen/psychedelic so it's common to see things while smoking it.

    Many people think it's only a depressant or stimulant, based on the Sativa or Indica archetypes, and this is just not true.
  15. same shit happened to time i was so baked i saw closed eye visuals....i puked...then i saw my friend in the corner of my eye...he morphed into a weasel....but that the only trippy thing i saw...besides trails.....but i DO love that freezeframe effect..dont worry...its normal if u have alow tolerance and u take 5g's of dank to tha dome...and i saw that shit all of of a 1g blunt of krippy....and 2 bong bowls of some CANADIAN dank....btw it was my first time usin a bong...i saw same shit u did...but with less dont worry
  16. I have the same problem man, i take lsd recreationally about once a week or every other, and now when i smoke some bomb bud i get the high off lsd where everything looks like its breathing, and when you move it seems like its skipping like a strobe light, weird eh?
  17. The second time I smoked, me and two of friends smoked a lot of dank weed. I was chilling on the couch watching some rediculous stuff on youtube. I looked over to the door and an army of mushroom people, like the ones from the mellow mushroom (some of you know what im talking about), came rushing in. The kept coming in until they filled up the whole floor and then looked at me in unison and asked me if I needed anything. I said no I was straight and they all filed out. It was crazy. I went and told my friend about it and I thought I had seen them but he said that I probably had a micro sleep or something so I don't know.
  18. haha yeah. Im also so intrested in everything since taking lsd, I have a hard time sleeping, and bud seems to bring on lsd effects. In a way its kind of cool but it makes me wonder if im crazy.............:smoke: gotta embrace it for what it is..... i feel like the after effects of lsd are kind of a bonus to weed smoking cause weed gets way more psychedelic. i cant even imagine what a 5 day tolerance break would bring. I might start a small one before i see radiohead next week.:eek:
  19. The first time I smoked I got REALLY high, I can never seem to get that high again and I would love to..It seemed like a psychedelic experience

    maybe your bud was laced?
  20. Same shit used to happen to me. Damn I wish I could get that unbelievably ripped again aha:smoke:

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