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hallucinating from weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EastCoastPothead, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. I am very small, 5'3 and only 125 lbs. Smaller people tend to have a lower tolerance. Furthermore, I was already hyper-active beforehand. I write very actively, because of my imagination. My first time smoking weed, I had smoked between 30-40 hits. Did I hallucinate? Well... that's debatable. 
    I will be trying LSD somewhat soon. So I will for sure know the difference between true hallucinations and what I was experiencing. But still, when I tell people about my experiences with weed, they are all quick to tell me that it had to be laced with something, which it most certainly was not. I call my friend the Master Stoner, he smokes weed basically every day. He came to school tripping on acid today. Strangely, he can carry on as if nothing were out of the ordinary, but he assures me that there are melting purple elves hanging from the ceiling of our diesel workshop. Anyways, he knows his weed, and this stuff was pure. Dank to be exact.
    Now, my hallucinations were nothing of that sort. Not even with my eyes open. But when I closed my eyes, I was in a completely different realm, and I tripped mother fucking balls. It was like I could see my hands in front of me, even though my eyes were closed, but they weren't hands, rather they were strips of multicolored neon light tubes, as seen in store windows. The world around me was pitch dark, (because my eyes were closed obviously) but certain things in the room that I had memorized the location and appearance of, such as the table and chairs my friends were sitting in, were still there. Again, everything was made of the multicolored neon light tubes. My friends were stick figures, and their mouths moved like cartoon characters as they talked and I pictured them gesturing as they talked. I guess it was as if this world could have been drawn on a chalk board. My body moved sporadically along with the music, which was a mixture of trippy bass and trap tracks. (And don't forget about Floyd) There were moments where I felt myself lift off of the ground and float in the air, and other times I felt as if the ground disappeared underneath me and I could see through the floor. Again, through the duration of my high, my eyes were CLOSED. I couldn't keep them open because they felt so heavy, and plus it took me out of the neon-chalkboard realm, which I had grown to quite like, so I just let my eyes stay closed so I could experience it more. I also remember listening to Comfortably Numb, my favorite song, and during the orgasmic end solo, I turned into David Gilmour and started playing the guitar. (For this visualization me and my air guitar had become blue electricity, similar to stuff in Guitar Hero)
    So... I know it wasn't a "true" hallucination, rather a very enhanced day dream. But most people try to tell me that even that level of trip can't be accomplished by weed alone. I didn't purposely imagine my chalkboard realm, I closed my eyes and that's what I saw and I went with it. I wasn't seeing dragons fly through the air or things melting, but could that be considered mild hallucination? 
    Again, once I try acid, I'll probably change my mind, but every time I smoke, I get trippy visuals through closed eyes, despite everyone trying to tell me it's only supposed to make you mellow and happy, if not a little stupid. So take what you want out of that, I have unusual experiences apparently. 

  2. Those trippy visuals are from increased blood flow and pressure on the ocular nerves, you'll get the same effect from pushing in on your eyes. Do not discuss other drugs on GC, it is against the TOS, and will void your warranty. Welcome to GC!
  3. Once on the way to work I saw a crow on the side of the road. From a distance I thought it was a cat. I busted up laughing. I was with my boss. That made me laugh harder. Before the end of the day, I was blazing with him. Talk about altering your perception of reality, I thought he was a Square. Yes I said square. I'm old get over it! lol
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    For real you can't discuss other "drugs" on GrassCity?  Can you only talk about legal drugs? Then nobody would discuss anything on here.  
    These hallucinogenic drugs are protected under the U.S. Constitution for use in religious ritual and that is what I and others use them for.  To say that they can't be discussed would violate my constitutional right.  
    Are you saying that the freedom of speech should be denied? 
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    Oh i totally forgot about the first time i got high,
    visually i thought i saw people watching me from inside bushes and thought i saw a dead body which was just a trick of the light
    and also thought there were 2 tall tribal africans following me laughing, turned out to be a short caucasian couple just minding their own business

    but keeping in mind i wanted to see things and there was tobacco in my weed i wasnt aware of which i had 4 cones of in 10 mins
  6. Not really hallucinations, I guess. One night I smoked a resin ball. I'm looking around and you know how a color TV uses the three electron beams (red, blue, and green)? It was like my sight had a slight translation (slide) to it in those colors. Similar to a grocery product that has an incorrectly printed label. 
    Then there was another time where my thoughts would play out like cartoons in my mind. Enjoyable experience.  :lol:

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