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hallucinating from weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EastCoastPothead, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. i never have and dont think u can but has anyone?

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  2. no
    you can not hallucinate using marijuana matter how much you use.
    no bullshit middle-ground fallacy crap about it is 'sorta like' or other fucked up can not, period.
  3. nah not possible. i remember always laughing at these punks in my chem class who just discovered weed and they were so obnoxious about it. they would talk about tripping and i'd just give them an indifferent glare across the room like Hot Dam u guys are dumb  <_<
  4. Dabs  make you zone out so much you think you're trippin, but you still dont
  5. I have hallucinated on weed. Marajuana is a hallucinogenic or it can be depending upon the strain 
  6. If you play mind games with yourself, or you have a very vivid imagination.

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  7. I've only ever had auditory hallucinations, hearing stuff that's not there. But I've never seen anything, no one I know has.
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    In some ways yes, but they werent extremely vivid and to be honest i wanted to hallucinate to have more fun
    a few times i have gone out in my back yard and over the fence across the street theres this tree about 30 metres tall, ive mistaken it for a giant pray mantis while high

    and one time i went out for a walk and after a while i heard this noise and thought it was some ghost screaming so i ran back home, i later discovered that it was just the sound of a sprinkler spraying a metal fence

    anyway id say i have but just a little
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    despite what anyone says, nope you wont have open eye hallucinations on weed, ever.

    your cannibanoid receptors in your brain dont make you hallucinate. if they did, youd be hallucinating all the time because your body creates its own version of cannibanoids even if ur not smoking weed.

    closed eye visuals on weed = yes.
    open eye hallucinations = impossible

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  10. Closest thing in my experience are closed eye visuals but even those only become vivid once in a blue moon.

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  11. It alters your perception of reality, it does not confuse your reality with imagined reality. So NO. But some people have weaker minds, for them...the answer is still no, they just can't be convinced to tell the truth based on their unwillingness to give up their fantasies. When they meet girls, these people quite often turn into stalkers because they are convinced the girl loves them, when no feelings actually exist.
    Don't stalk the girlies OP. Just DON'
  12. I swear I've had weed trigger acid flashbacks. I would see this fine pattern running over everything and morphing around and my like perception of reality felt warped like the ideas in my mind were folding in on themselves.  Weird, but i've just looked at these experiences as free trips lol. 
    I have also gotten so high to the point where i might "think" i'm tripping, but really not just stoned as fuck. Hallucinating solely because of weed has never happened before in my opinion. I think some people just get sooo baked that their mind plays tricks on them. Where they thought they hallucinated and saw something, but maybe the marijuana high distorts their thought process in some way and their mind just amplifies the thought of them thinking about something on a subconscious level. I'm not like a super experienced psychonaut so i hope that made at least some sense hehe.
  13. No. But when I smoke and get extremely baked if I look at a person they will start like moving back and forth quickly.

    One time I remember being super high and I was listening to this rap song that kind of had a clown theme beat and I look at my brother in the corner of my eye and he's a clown. I almost crapped myself for a sec. But nah you can't hallucinate unless you got yo weed mixed with some unmentionables.
  14. One time I smoked a joint and a giant dog the size of Clifford took a shit on me and then started to masturabte as it slid down my body utterly crushing me

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    What kind of fucking leaps in logic is that, oh God why am I laughing so hard at this, I guess my buzz is kicking in.
  16. Bill O'Reilly is all about protecting the ladies....!
    The good punch lines are the ones you DON'T expect.
  17. I had when I first started. I hear people calling my name and see things doing things they arnt. I was never delusional though unless I think a bug is crawling on me that is actually a very small crumb or piece of dirt. But I didnt see things like monsters in front of me
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    I am surprised that nobody has said yes.  It is nothing like shrooms, lsd or peyote, but I have had auditory hallucinations as well as some minor visual hallucinations.  This has occurred a couple dozen times where I smoked some great buds for hours.
    Hallucinations are just altered reality and don't have to be substantial.
    I have tripped dozens of times though on LSD, shrooms, peyote.  I know that when using these hallucinogens that smoking weed amplifies there effects.
    There is plenty of info out on the internet:

  19. Apparently the 'lsd' lemon sour diesel strain which contains around 22% thc has caused people to hallucinate. Not sure how reliable that is though.

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  20. Did a dab the size of a nickel about half an inch thick (don't remember actual weight) took it in one hit with a relatively low tolerance, tried walking to a bench about 5 feet away, ended up on my ass, 6 feet away lol. I started seeing orbs of slowly pulsating energy on every blade of grass. I then saw red and yellow streaks through the air and had CEV's. So yeah, hallucinated on weed. Very psychedelic experience. 

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