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Hallucinating from herb?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by iziris, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. I just thought of this and thought I might be able to get some answers from some of you pros. On my 16th birthday this girl I knew gave me a 1/2 zip bc her parents found her pipes and stuff. Before this I might have smoked 2 maybe 3 times. Me and a friend of mine who smoked once before decide we would celebrate my bday and smoke the entire bag. Well we made a good ol aluminum foil pipe and started tokin away. Few hours go by and we are finally getting the the bottom of the bag. While I'm hitting the pipe, oblivious to the world around me, I start to hear a faint screaming which caught my attention and I looked over and my friend was on the concrete against the wall yelling while scratching the concrete. When I look at him I see the same exact demon that is on the front of the old DOOM games standing over him at ab 8 ft tall. At this point I started flippin out, seeing all kinds of crazy shit, running from things that aren't there and trying to crawl inside my parents freezer to get away. Finally it started to wear down a little after eating a little. After that I went into my room, looked at my friend while both of our heads turn into miniature elevators then I passed out until the morning. I have talked to a few people about this and the only explanation I get is angel dust and that's mostly from older people. Are there any crazy strains out that would do this? I am not too familiar with angel dust but is that something that was common at the time, 8 years ago?
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    Most likely you and your friends had a panic attack and the weed alters your mind and imagination, so it could've all been in your head. Yes, marijuana does cause hallucinations but not severe ones like acid. You guys just probably had wayyy to many to smoke. 99.9% of the time weed will not be laced with Angel Dust (PCP). If you were to smoke a 1/2 a zip of laced PCP marijuana, you'd be trippin balls for like a day or two.

    So relax, just remember it's all in your head and in an hour you'll be fine.

    EDIT: This should be posted in "Apprentice Smokers"
  3. rofl i can imagine the picture LOL
    you just smoked too much and greened out.
    like the guy above me said....if you smoked a half o of wet you would be runni around your city naked yelling at nothing. and you would KNOW its pcp.
  4. I 100% agree with the above posts. You are a new smoker so you have a low tolerance. Sounds like you smoked too much.

    Just say your buds were laced with Angel Dust, your ass would be sitting in the bottom of the lake swimming with fishes. You would KNOW if you were high on Dust.

    Be careful next time! :eek:
  5. The first time my friend tried it he was alone in a dark house and said that he had thought his shirt was attacking him. He thought his stuff might be laced but i smoked some of it a day later and felt fine. It's all about tolerance, setting and the frame of mind you have when you smoke it.
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    Yeah you don't really hallucinate heh. I'll break it down for you. I was outside earlier super ripped and saw a patch of grass that was taller than the rest of the grass. I thought to myself "It would be fucking rad if some little elves lived in that and it was like a tiny forest." Did I really hallucinate and see said elves? No. But did being stoned make them pop into my head? I think so. I hope this helped.
  7. Wow, that's interesting.

    Some varieties of MJ can act as mild hallucinogens. A good example is Belladonna; however, they should never give you direct visuals like acid/shrooms or pcp.

    Generally, expect auditory and sense of time hallucinations from MJ. Sometimes I'll feel like I can tell what people are thinking or feel a really strong connection with people I like. Like some sort of mental connection.

    If you are seeing creatures and stuff I'd postulate you were dreaming, had your eyes closed or maybe had just a tint of something stronger. Maybe a recycled bag with some dust in it even if a very little bit.

    Trust your source or grow your own. I personally think if you finished off a whole bag you were smoking schwag-mids. I guarantee you if you tried smoking more than two joints of some of the buds I get you wouldn't want any more, period. You just keep getting higher and higher and you'd freak.

  8. Trust me, you didnt smoke PCP (Angel Dust).

    Maybe one little one pap laced with PCP would do what you said, but even then the effect would last longer for a first time user. If you smoked a half ounce of PCP laced chronic you'd be tripping for at least a good 16 hours, and you would KNOW.

    You probally just smoked to much.
  9. This happened 8 years ago when I was 16, not recently, I wish:smoking:
  10. Yo i wanna smoke some of your shit then lol sounds good to me :smoking:
  11. Haha, I do get good weed. But I don't do computer buddies so, maybe if your lucky someday you'll run into a girl named kali while hiking in the smokies and she'll get you ripped. ;)


    bud of the day: Mother's Finest
    song of the day: Rocket - Smashing Pumpkins
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    It happens from time to time. Most cases are panic attacks and over exaggeration from the paranoid stress. However, if you did burn a 1/2 zip of bugged herb, you wouldn't be telling us the story. You'd be having this conversation with the police or a doctor. Take it easy.
  13. Sounds like you smoked a lot lol. Yeah weed can cause hallucinations, but very rarely and you need to get extremely high. I sometimes hear music when if just the tv in the background.
  14. Unfortunately you can't put that guarantee to the test or else I'd take you up on it. That was then and this is now :D
  15. Usually when i smoke alot of keif everything sort of looks cartoonish, and my eyes tend to single things out. Kind of making everything i look at pop out. It almost feels like i could go somewhere(trip), but at the same time not at all..anyway i LOVE IT!
  16. hahaha legit alright i'll keep an eye out for some girl tokin' if i'm ever out that way :smoking:
  17. Whenever I get blazed out of my mind, I usually have some sort of audible hallucinations. Just shit like one of my friends calling for me or the radio being on, kinda like mild Diphenhydramine ones. The visuals though.. I dunno. I've never smoked a 1/2oz in an hour either.
  18. lol @ running around the city naked yelling
  19. THC can cause hallucinations, and is still categorized in the 'hallucinogen' category with regards to it's function. While actual visuals are quite rare they can happen. In 30 years of smoking almost every day I've have exactly ONE truly hallucinatory experience (saw devil horns growing out of a friend's head when I was a fairly new smoker...I LOLed and LOLed)
  20. didnt read the thread yet for posts, but has anyone noticed this part? lol

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