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hallucinating after smoking kief?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by insomnia420, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. So a little back when I was on a camping trip I smoked with a couple of strangers (friends of friends). One of them smokes for his arthritis so the stuff he had was really really good and the other guy just likes to get really high:smoke:. They had a really nice heavy glass pipe.

    Anyways, one night we were sitting around the campfire and I get passed the freshly loaded pipe. Somebody said something about the new bowl but I was already really high and the only thing I heard was something about this bowl and kiefer. I figured they were saying that this bowl had kief on top. As I took a hit the flame lit up the bowl and I noticed it was kinda grey but thought it was just the type of keif or something.

    After taking my hit I began having a shitload of hallucinations every time I closed my eyes, even when I blinked. I was enjoying it but was confused because this has never happened to me before. I slept it off and was fine in the morning.

    I don't think kief would make me hallucinate like that. Maybe was this laced or the "keifer" wasnt kief.

    GC I want your two cents. What do you think I was smoking? Have you ever had an experience like this?

    Thanks in advance and toke on. :bongin:
  2. it's kind of hard to know what it is since you didn't give us a very good description. I'm pretty sure LSD and all those hallucinogenic substances are worthless if there burned.
  3. exsactly like kief from what I could tell but it was kinda grey. almost looked like the color of ash but it wasnt.
  4. you mean closed eyes visuals? happened to me too was long ago happy that you can still be able to see them^^
    and the kief I vaped last night looked like this blackberry kief, grey color is normal
  5. well it could have been the 20x or lower salvia. however once you smoke salvia you usually cant stand for 20 minutes so it could have been the 40x mixed with kief. hmm wonder if thats a good idea
  6. alright, when I usaully smoke if I close my eyes its like I see light through my eyelids but in a trippy way sometimes I see shapes. But when this happend I literly saw a clown when I closed my eyes for a few minutes
  7. @mememantis I hadnt thought about that. Very possible thanks, but you do mean by "wonder if thats a good idea"? lol
  8. Sounds like it was laced with PCP and a hint of blueberry sauce.:cool:
  9. when i first started smoking i would have these closed eye visuals...just be glad u still get them and enjoy them while they last....which isnt long if u keep smoking frequently...i always used to have a visual of an old witch standing at her doorway in the woods for some made me feel good though for some reason....was trippy

  10. dude just fucking enjoy the kif, haha its not laced.
  11. well cool thanks
  12. That explains it all. :cool: The shades maaan. The shades....

  13. well im wondering if i should start topping my bowls with 40x, haha not enough for a normal hit of salvia but a small ammount, the ammount where you can open up your mind.

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