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Hallucinate ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Retard-3000, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. is it possible to hallucinate on weed ? anyone ever experienced it ?
  2. Yes it is and yes I have. It's very rare but in high enough doses THC acts as a mild hallucinogen. Most of the time the hallucinations are more along the lines of spatial distortion and auditory hallucinations, but visuals can occur rarely.

    That being said, in over 30 years of smoking I've only once ever had a visual and that was when I was young and still fairly new to cannabis.
  3. On my second and third time smoking it I had very mild hallucinations, The second time I did it I imagined many things in bushes and the third time I saw a dog running at me but there was no dog lolol.
  4. maybe if you ate a lot it would happen

    never happen to be though
  5. I think I have in the past. I saw colours as if I was wearing rapidly changing coloured sunglasses. but this may have had nothing to do with the weed and everything to do with lack of oxygen since I was a newbie smoker at the time
  6. Sure you can hallucinate from weed. It is actually oficially classified as a hallucinagen. Now. this is an incorrect classification (depressant would probably be more accurate). But, it wouldnt be classified as a hallucinagen if it was impossible to hallucinate on it. It's not acid or salvia, youre not gonna see flying elephants or anything, and when you have to be really high, and the hallucinations will be mild and you will know they are hallucinations and not real, but mild hallucinations which you know are only in your head are very possible.
  7. No it's the correct classification. THC is not at all a depreseant despite the relaxing effects. It affects spatial and time perception and is thus classified as a hallucinogen, and properly classified too.

    I don't think hallucinogen means what you think it means.
  8. Only hallucanations I have is like the sound, I hear popcorn popping, or a big pop, and sometimes but only for a moment a visual distortion of an object..

    sorry for if its typing wrong.
  9. usually its like seeing something in the corner of your eye but realizing its not what you thought it was. This happens to people sober but it tends to happen to me more often when I am really high. Auditory hallucinations are much more common like hearing somehting such as your name, or distant screaming... (bad experience)
  10. ive never hallucinated off weed but acid is some crazy stuff
  11. Yea last night I had some really mild hallucinations after smoking a good bit. For a few minutes I thought I kept seeing someone walking around outside but it was nothing.
  12. i've smoked with my friends at night one time and heard bells ringing. and i was bout to ask them but then it stopped. lol
  13. if you take like 8 pills of gravol you will hallucinate
  14. Auditory hallucination happens for me everytime I smoke a lot in a small time span.

    Kind of like, hearing my friends mumbling something in the other room when there's no one in there. It usually ends up in

    "What the fuck dude... we'rent you in that... room... Haha, dude, I'm blaazzeeed"

  15. I never have but my friend has, He was just sitting on the couch and all of a sudden he jumped and kinda yelled b/c he felt like someone was just starring at him and like hanging right over his shoulder. haha But that was only time for him too. It was only like a 5 second thing
  16. Ive actually had a full on trip
    it was my 2nd time smoking back from a 8 month break
    and i smoked atleast 1.5 grams
    i was walking down a street towards some little kid who i was gonna beat up cuz he was talkin shit
    and the street turned into a treadmill type thing where the road kept going back as i was walking
    and i kept hearing one thing that he said over and over
    it felt like an HOUR!
    so eventually i ran to the side of the street and started rolling around like a crazy motherfucker
    and i ran back to my friend and i was like DUDE GRAB MY HAND, IM FUCKIN TRIPPIN!
    then they were like dude, you were walking back and forth for like 10 minutes
  17. I believe you're far more likely to experience auditory hallucinations as opposed to visuals, at least in my experience. Usually when i come home to an empty house still baked, or i actually smoke at my house, I would SWEAR to you I'll hear somebody come in the front door, say hello to the dog, put there stuff down on the counter, all that. It can be quite strange, but actually kind of amazing to experience because its so visceral.
  18. I have auditory hallucinations almost every time I smoke. Last night I only smoked a bowl, and as I was coming inside and getting my food together and putting stuff away, I could've sworn I heard one of my parents wake up start walking around the house. When I was outside actually smoking on my porch, I kept seeing what looked like darting movements out of the corner of my eye. This also happens fairly often.

    It's usually because you're stressed out or nervous, in my experience. When you can truly relax and smoke you're less likely to experience these things.

    The only time I had visual hallucinations was the first time I smoked. When I closed my eyes I could see gold flakes swirling around in the air and they all went into my mouth and tasted amazing when I breathed in deeply.:smoke:
  19. It can for sure happen. It was like my third time smoking and my friend had this medical bud called Kotton Kush, I took one fat rip and went and laid down in my room. When I closed my eyes, I saw very very mild color distortions, not anything like shrooms or anything, but I definitely could notice it.
  20. hah like my third time smoking i smoked three bowls with some friends, then went home and had a gram of some really nice dank stuff and everything looked kinda claymation-y. i didnt see flying elephants but things just looked more plastic...ephemeral and fleeting..claymation. and when i laid down it felt like i was on a ferris wheel from hell. just falling into the bed. i still get the ferris wheel effect but i dont trip anymore.

    so yeah. its possible and i dont think its particularly harmful. :)

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