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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jada, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. Well here in the states, today is halloween, so whats everyone doing? What are you dressing up as if you still do??? Were getting blazed and going to watch "the ring." I hope its good. If we go out, this lady pf passion's gonna be cowgirl baby. I have a couple pothead buddies who are gona hook up some northern lights if I'm lucky-well everyone get back w/ thier plane if any!!
  2. Im going as the scariest thing ever....
  3. damn, i was going to go as you too
  4. *sigh* I miss our lady of passion Jada..... Wish she was still coming around here. Okay, Okay, I'm done bringing back all these old Halloween threads!! Some of em just make me a bit sad because the people are no longer around....
  5. I miss Jada, too!

    I thought I'd use this thread to say this...

    There's a damn Christmas commercial on right now. The Brian Setzer Boogie Woogie Christmas CD. IT'S HALLOWEEN!!!!!! Not Christmas!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!

    Ok...back to halloween.

  6. eep, not so loud rumjil, some of us have a nervous disposition (what the fuck IS that supposed to mean???)


  7. It's supposed to be something to startle people know, jump out and yell "BOO!" and watch them almost pee in their pants. It works on some people!!!! :D

    i'm wasted, my halloween's over now...or not?

    it's after 1am here in Ireland...

    have a good night usa stoners!

  9. Still missing ya Jada, wishing you'd come back and let us know what you've been up to. Many come, but few stay forever. :(

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