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  1. so, if you like Halloween, what are you going out as? i'm not sure yet, i have a few ideas. i'd love to hear your ideas! hahaha i love Halloween nite!
  2. I don't need a costume, I already looked like a stressed out freak from having 4 kids....

    They are going to be....

    The eldest daughter is going to be a sheepdog
    The youngest daughter is going to be a butterfly
    The eldest son is going to be a monkey (very appropriate for him!)
    and the newest addition is going to be a carrot....

    Not I just have to convince dad to dress up as a bunny and we are all set!
  3. lol i know the feeling!

    my little guy is goin to be a dragon.
    my daughter is not quite sure yet.

    i get so excited and want to have a Halloween party so bad!!! i had one a few yrs ago and it was so fun. i had my whole house decorated and the lights and all! i made some punch that had jello fingers and eye balls! got drunk lol. all the people haveing fun in their costumes! lol but i'm not sure what to be yet.
  4. I love halloween.........this year I'm going as Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!!!!!!! Last year me and my friends won first place because we went in see through lingerie and my friend was our pimp!!!!! We got 300 dollars last year. I hope we win again this year!!!!!!!

  5. dressed as a hooker and got 300....for your costume?? LOLOLOL

    just kiddin

    I hope Halloween doesn't suck here...my kids didn't get to celebrate Halloween last year cuz we were on the drive here...
  6. lol last year i was tina turner. got a wig and it was out there! my dress was made out of that silver tinsel. lol i really did look like tina turner. then this guy i met at the bar looked like ike. ah we had a blast!
  7. I love Halloween :D

    And, LOL flowerchild, I LOVE the rocky horror picture show :D

    I wanted to dress up as Dr Frankenfurter last year, but I decided to late so Halloween was a bit shit last year (lacking of costume).

    This year I'll be visitin my Dad in Holland and I don't think they celebrate it there :(
  8. I can't make up my mind between a sex addict or a male stripper. I might go as the streak
  9. one word...gumby
  10. I'm going to detroit to see a insane clown posse concert called hallowicked, theres two of them, one on the 30th and one on the 31st, i didn't get the tickets ordered in time for the 31st so i'm going to the one on the 30th. I'll be in a car riding home on the 31st. Well if i do dress up i'll just paint my face like a clown.

    gumby... thats really cool
  11. my kids wont let me dress up anymore...i think that sucks!
    but i got a zombie
    a dead bride (her brother teased her about BEing a bride) so then we had to add some black makeup and cobwebs :rolleyes:
    and a tiny flower princess
    eh an well lucky is the yellow telletubby
  12. Yes, I swear I won the 300 dollars from the costume contest. I try to refrain from pulling trains in the parking lot or giving blow jobs for money!!!!!!! LOL. I don't want to feel cheap and unappreciated!!!! LOL

    And D9_THC............at least there is another rocky horror fan amongst us!!!!!!!! LOL. My friend Cody is going as Dr. Frankenfurter even though he isnt too thrilled about the whole idea. He lost a bet so he gets to wear the fishnets and such.

    And Bud Head.....you don't need halloween to be a sex addict, you are one of those everyday!!!!!!!!
  13. undercover cop :)
  14. what am i going to be for holloween

    i think im going to be stoned

    nah, i got this mask, its the one of the scream killer from scary movie after he took a bong toke from the fishtank. Yes, its my official toking mask.
  15. only two rocky horror fans? I thought everyone loved that movie!

    For halloween I'm going as a robot, zombie or something undecided. I don't think I'll want to buy anything so I'llprobably just throw on my old skull mask and some old clothes.

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