Halloween Plans

Discussion in 'General' started by heat_blitz, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. What has everyone got planned for halloween this year?
    Smoking sessions, trick or treating :) (free munchies), parties...

    I have to choose from parties on thursday, friday and saturday...needles to say i'll be stocking up on weed.

    I spraypainted an evil pumpkin for the occasion:

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  2. wow kick ass pumpkin man yea well im probly gonna get alot of weed and fog out my little car.
  3. thats damn cool!!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@ :) :) :)
  4. i hope to be rollin hard on halloween
  5. getting stoned with some friends... couple newbies that i will be introducing to my good friend mary jane. then we're going paintballing and going to laser quest... chillin out and watching movies.. twill be gooot
  6. mangled... i'll be very.... let's see how early the costume comes off this year....:D
  7. forgot to add this... :p

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  8. Ah laser quest, that used to be so fun, we'd destroy everyone, and then theres the smoke machine hahaha..

  9. Dude man thats cool as fugck!!!
  10. that is pretty damn cool dude.....
    i plan on spending as much of this weekend fucked up as possible.... i just wanna chill without having to worry about anything...sucks i gotta work sat night tho oh well...itll fly by haha peace
  11. im smoking sum weed for halloween. me and like 5 or 6 other people guna buy a lot of weed. im only 18 so $150 $200 is a lot of weed to me. i duno if it is to you older people but damn im guna b blasted!!!! so much munchies to.. and all the costumes. itll b so fuckin hilarious! :-D halloween isnt the night of the devil, its the nightof the pothead.

  12. hey remember this is for 18 an older, i could kinda tell by the content of your post that your younger.

  13. cant be posting here junior
  14. Im sure there are alot of underaged posters here.
  15. Haha, toxic avenger, wicked movie, its got a lot of really funny shit. I can only remember the last one ive seen, i think it was toxic avenger 4, it was the one where theres that retard school massacre by the diaper mafia haha. Then the evil toxie and good toxie duke it out at the end. Awesome flick if you like that kinda comedy.
  16. i just rolled a small joint .. nothing too special but i have a load of movies ready to be watched

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