Halloween decorations carry haunting message of forced labor

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  1. A letter from a Chinese factory is asking for help of those who receive it to resend it to a human rights organization and spread the word about the treatment certain Chinese citizens are enduring in re education/forced labor camps.


    An Oregon women bought a Halloween kit from Kmart last year and discovered the letter this year decorating her house for Halloween. She first posted news of this on Facebook, then sent it to the local media and human rights groups. She says the weirdest and saddest thing about this is that someone is really hoping this letter will make a difference.

    From suicide nets outside of Foxconns (Apple inc.) dormitories to secret letters pleading for help, what's it gonna take for the worlds population to stop buying products made by China? One big problem we, the world, face is that a lot of our crap is made in China. Trying to avoid products from China is damn near impossible. Had we not bought these products to begin with we wouldn't be in this mess, I guess, but it needs to end. Will there ever be a day when slavery does not exist on this planet? We got some major issues we need to deal with but who is gonna save the Chinese people? The answer is it all begins with them. They must rise up demanding change, justice, and freedom. So many of them, together they are unstoppable.

    Who will stand with them?

    Halloween decorations carry haunting message of forced labor

    By the way, the Chinese Gov't is all for and agrees with Washington DC that the American people should be disarmed.

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